Down Under: Some Things I’ve Learned About Australia


Australia is a country that has a lot to offer. It’s vast, and there’s so much you can do in this great land. I’ve only been here for just over 3 months and I’ve already been on the Great Barrier Reef, swam with dolphins, experienced a total solar eclipse and gotten up close to some of Australia‘s most beautiful wildlife. I’m sure there are many things that have eluded me during my time here as well. That being said (and in no particular order), these are some of the most important things I’ve learned about Australia:

1) Australians Love To Drink Beer

I really wish this wasn’t true because it makes for awkward introductions when you meet people for the first time at bars or pubs. Australia’s favourite games include darts and cricket, but they also happen to be the two most popular drinking games. I think it’s safe to say that Aussies love a good beer. They can be quite the party animals (and they’re usually not shy), so if you want to make friends in Australia, you better know how to down a few beers.

2) I Can’t Get Enough of The Great Barrier Reef

So far, this is by far my favourite place on earth. For people who have never been there before, it’s hard for them to understand just how big this place really is. You could spend months exploring what lies beneath the surface of these reefs and still learn new things about these amazing animals every day! It’s literally like swimming through an aquarium where everything you see is alive and moving! One word of advice here: get your fins on before entering any water because sharks are everywhere! In addition to being home base for some great wildlife like dolphins and turtles, this area has some truly spectacular beaches that are well worth checking out as well.

3) Australians are Some of the Nicest People I’ve Ever Met

I’m sure that’s a cliche thing to say, but it’s true! Australians are very friendly and welcoming, even if you’re from down under yourself. They’re usually very helpful in terms of giving directions or advice on where you should go next. For example, when I was visiting Alice Springs for the first time, some Australian tourists took me out for dinner and informed me about everything there is to see in that area. Unlike most Americans who tend to be wary of new people and keep to themselves (at least where I come from), Aussies can be quite the opposite. It makes for an interesting experience when trying to get around because every person you meet will have suggestions about what else you should see in Australia! If anyone has any questions about Australia at all, feel free let me know in the comments section below! There’s so much more I could add here, but this post would never end if I tried putting them all down now.

4) Australians Are Really Into Their Sports

I’m not sure if this is true for the whole country, but since I’ve been here I have yet to meet an Australian who doesn’t enjoy his/her sport. Baseball, basketball, American football and soccer are just some of these popular sports in Australia. If you’re into any of these things or would like to get involved in a sport for the first time in your life, then all you have to do is ask! Aussies love meeting new people and helping out whenever they can. They’ll be happy to show you how their favorite games work! If anyone has any questions about sports here at all, feel free let me know in the comments section below!

5) It’s Not All Sunrises and Swimming With Dolphins Down Under (Sorry!)

Although Australia has some truly spectacular scenery and wildlife that will leave your jaw dropping at times (like when snorkeling with dolphins), it also has its downsides as well. Unfortunately there are many parts of Australia that were affected by natural disasters such as floods or fires last year alone. In fact, a few friends of mine had their homes destroyed by fires just last month — thankfully no one was hurt though! When visiting areas where there hasn’t been much damage done recently (think Sydney), then it can be quite difficult to comprehend what people went through during those disastrous events because everything looks normal from afar. I went to australia for the first time last year and I have to say that it was difficult seeing so much damage from fires up close. I was also in Australia during a time when people were being evacuated due to floods as well, but once again, most of the damage wasn’t too bad because we were far enough inland. It’s still upsetting to see something like this happen though!

6) If You’re Looking for Things For Cheap, This is Where You Should Go

If you’re looking for things that are affordable and cheap, then look no further than Australia! The food here is amazing and there are many places where you can enjoy a nice meal at a good price. Also, if you want something more fancy (such as lobster or expensive meats), there aren’t any problems with ordering these items outside of tourist areas where they cost a lot more than usual.

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