E pass Singapore: Difference between E pass and S pass

E pass Singapore

Singapore is a small Asian country that is a part of the first world countries. This means that Singapore has a stable and rich economy. The country is relatively safe and has low crime cases. Furthermore, its uncorrupted government has big plans for the country and is in the process of implementing these development plans. These are only some of the reasons why many aspire to get a work visa like the S pass Singapore card for them to be able to work in Singapore. Similarly, E pass Singapore is also a work pass for Singapore.

The Ministry of Manpower is the one responsible for issuing work visas to foreigners. They provide a variety of work passes. The two most common work passes are the S Pass and the E Pass Singapore visas. Both of these work visas enable a foreigner to come to Singapore and work. However, they are very different from each other in terms of eligibility, validity, and benefits. This is what we will discuss in this Singapore work pass article.

Eligibility difference

E Pass Singapore 

To be eligible for an E pass Singapore visa, you need to have a job proposal in Singapore first. You cannot apply for an E pass then go to Singapore and search for a job. You need employer sponsorship to apply for this work visa. Furthermore, the E pass is for managers, executives, and other types of industry specialists. They need to have a mixed monthly salary of at least S$4,500. If the E pass Singapore candidate is older or has more experience, their minimum monthly salary qualifications are higher than that. Moreover, they usually need to have completed a college diploma from a reputable university to be approved.

S Pass Singapore

The eligibility qualifications are less stringent for the S pass Singapore visa compared to the E Pass. The candidate only needs a fixed monthly salary of at least S$2,500 to be approved. Although, the minimum salary qualification is dependent on the experience and age of the applicant. 

Aside from a college diploma, the Ministry of Manpower will accept S pass Singapore candidates who have specialized technical certificates. This is as long as the certificate requires to have at least a year of formal and full-time study. In addition, the S Pass applicant should have relevant work experience to back their educational background.

Validity period

E Pass Singapore

An E pass Singapore visa is valid for up to two years for first-time candidates. You can renew this work visa once the two years are up. As for renewal E pass Singapore applicants, they will get a longer validity period of three years. 

S Pass Singapore

Whether you are a first-time S pass Singapore applicant or a for-renewal pass holder, you will only get two years validity. If you plan to work longer in Singapore, you can avail another type of work visa or apply for permanent residency. You can apply for an E Pass instead.


E Pass Singapore

If you want to get a white-collar job in Singapore, the work visa you need to have is the E pass Singapore visa. Only professionals, managers, and executives are eligible to get an E Pass. Through this work pass, they can freely and compliantly work in Singapore. They can re-apply for a new E Pass should they decide to switch employers or jobs. 

In addition, an E pass Singapore holder is allowed to open a bank account in Singapore. They are permitted to rent properties. They can opt to rent private housing such as apartments, condominiums, or landed properties. If they prefer, they can rent HDB flats or rooms even though they are only permitted to rent for up to 18 months.

An E pass Singapore holder is entitled to have medical insurances. This is extremely helpful especially if they got into accidents or got ill. In addition, they are allowed to bring their family members to live in Singapore. They can either obtain a Dependent’s Pass or a Long-Term Visit permit depending on their eligibility.

S Pass Singapore

An S Pass Singapore holder has benefits similar to E Pass holders. If they can get a monthly salary of S$6,000 or higher, they can apply for a Dependent’s Pass or Long Term Visit Pass for their family members. If you worked in Singapore for three years, you will be eligible to apply for permanent resident status. In addition, all S Pass Singapore holders are allowed to marry and bring their spouse to the country. However, they need a S$6,000 minimum salary qualifications for them to be allowed to raise children.

Each work pass in Singapore has its own benefits, validity, and eligibility. Each work visa is unique and depends on the type of work you will do in Singapore.