Fri. Sep 24th, 2021
    embroidery thread

    Read about embroidery thread in detail. Quilts are amazing, they provide us comfort, and their colors tempt our eyes with beauty. There are many reasons to tie a quilt, and one of them is adding texture. Quilt tying means attractively finishing a quilt. It is most effective on large quilts as it saves lots of stamina and money. You can tie a quilt with embroidery threads in as little as the cost of a cup of coffee.

    Many custom embroidery machine help tie a quilt, and you can try many more methods. Use embroidery threads, yarn, or even tassels – be creative, choose more than one color, and make multi-color ties. In this article, we will elaborate on how to tie a quilt with embroidery thread.

    Things you need:

    • Embroidery floss, thread, cotton
    • needle with a sharp needle and large eye
    • Marking pencil
    • Scissors and Rulers
    • Basting pins
    • Thimble

    Decide the place to tie:

    Before starting the threading point, decide where you want to place your ties. The quilting needs at least every eight to ten inches. When you are doing it yourself, make sure that it should be around four to five inches for stability and keeping the pieces together.

    Mark the place:

    For convenience, to tie the larger quilts, mark the place with the marker. Mark with symbol x to know where you have to insert the thread.

    Thread your needle:

    It is time to thread your needle. Take approximately 24’ for the tying process. Make sure it goes through the back.

    Start the process:

    • Now start the tying process in the center and move towards the right or left direction. It helps to shift layers from the tying process.
    • Now insert the needle through all layers of the quilt right on the places with the spot marked x. After that, bring back the thread to ΒΌ from the initial spot. In the process, leave a tall of around three to four inches.
    • Repeat the process in the same spot to make it firm.

    Tie the knot:

    When you have finished the process, tie the knot at each tie. Trim the excessive thread with scissors.

    Bingo! It is ready:

    Just like that, the process of tying the quilt is complete.

    Do not stop here:

    You do not have to stop here. You can add creativity in the tying process – for instance, change embroidery threads and make your ties look colorful. Moreover, after you have finished, you can add additional visual interest. Like, I love to do big stitches with bright color in a straight line from the borders. It creates a beautiful flower motif on every corner.


    Tying a quilt with embroidery thread is done by hand. The ties are not as durable as machine ties. That is why take care of your quilt properly. Do not wash it roughly or in machines. Try to wash with hands carefully to maintain the ties in one place for a long.


    Tying a quilt with embroidery thread makes the quilt attractive and appealing. You can now enjoy the comfort and beauty all along.

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