Essentials for Home Office set-up for a Work From Home professional


The environment you work in is a key factor that determines your productivity. Work From Home has been a safe, convenient choice during the pandemic. But there’s only so much work you can get done lying back on your bed, wrapped in your comfortable cocoon with your laptop perched on a makeshift pillow table. But worry not, because we’ve got everything from the best work from home laptops to furniture and stationery essentials covered to make sure that the lazy comfort of being home doesn’t hinder your work. Home Safe is also one of the essential thing for home office for security reasons. What makes this even better is the amazing offers from Zest Money to buy these at 0 % EMI! 

1.ASUS Vivobook Laptop

As a long-term practical investment, work from home laptops are key to tackling the new-age work method. Having a fast and efficient laptop with great storage, long-lasting battery life and a high resolution camera for all your work calls is a WFH dream package. Add to that a lightweight design that’s easy to carry around and is budget friendly, and you’ve got the ASUS Vivobook Laptop. With its 2 GB RAM, 500 GB internal storage, HD display and 10 hour battery life, ASUS Vivobook is a leading choice that also doubles as the perfect WFH buddy.

2.HP 15 DA3001TU

The best budget office laptop at the moment well known for its wide range under 30000, HP is one among the essentials for home office set-up. This time, HP comes with a  15.6” LED display and connectivity ports like USBs, HDMI, RJ-45, AC smart pin and multi- format SD card enabling fast and efficient transfer of files. With preinstalled MS Office Suite and Windows 10, HP does not fail to amaze. 

        3. HP 15s DU3047TX 

Best for both Business and Personal Use, here’s another stunner from HP. Intel i5 processor and an 8 GB RAM unites to offer lightning fast multitasking and impeccable graphics performance. An HDD SSD hybrid with bottomless storage capacity, and 70% faster boot up, it’s one of those rare work from home laptops ideal for work and gaming alike. 

       4. Dell Inspiron 3501 i3 10th Gen

With easy portability and great all round performance at the most affordable budgets, Dell Inspiron is one of those essentials for home office set-up that lets you carry the office around with you at home. This i3 10th gen masterpiece boots up in less than 10 seconds and lasts the day with an 8 hour battery backup. With its HD LED anti-glare display, and consistent performance, this will get you through workdays in a breeze. 

Condensing an entire work environment into a small closed space doesn’t have to be hard on your performance or budget. Partnering with top-notch brands like Home Centre, Flipkart and Amazon, ZestMoney assures the easiest access to the highest quality for  you while setting up essentials for home office set-up with their 0 interest EMI option. Also, you can prefer wall art on glass that looks attractive in your home. Build the amazing workstation you deserve at the most affordable prices with ZestMoney. Sign-up today and experience all the benefits of shopping on EMI with ZestMoney!

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