Everest High Pass Trek – 10 Days

High Pass Trek

Everest Three High Passes Trek:

An epic mountain adventure awaits you in the heart of the Himalayas! Whether you call it the Everest High Pass Trek or the Everest Three High Passes Trek, this journey promises wild alpine scenery and unforgettable experiences.

Conquer the majestic Three High Passes (3-Pass Trek) on Everest.

Duration: Nearly three weeks of high-altitude wilderness exploration.

Scenic Highlights:Everest Base Camp: Everest base Trek 10 days,visit is  the iconic base camp of the world’s tallest mountain.

Kala Patthar: Ascend to this jaw-dropping vantage point for breathtaking views.

 Three high passes:

Kongma La (5,535 meters)

Cho La (5,420 meters)

Renjo La (5,345 meters)

 Spectacular scenery: Follow the winding course of the Dudh Koshi river.

Traverse lush forests and windswept peaks.

Marvel at the permanent Himalayan glaciers.

Encounter solitary stupas and prayer flags.

 What can you expect on the Everest High (Everest Three Pass) Trek?

 The Everest Three Passes Trek, also known as the Everest High Pass Trek, is an exhilarating and challenging adventure through the stunning Khumbu region of Nepal.Three High Passes: You’ll conquer three high mountain passes: Kongma La (5,535 meters), Cho La (5,420 meters), and Renjo La (5,345 meters). These passes offer breathtaking views of the Himalayas and are a highlight of the trek.Each pass presents unique challenges and rewards, taking you through rugged terrain and offering panoramic vistas.

 Scenic Beauty:As you trek, feast your eyes on the spectacular scenery of the world’s most beautiful Himalayan wilderness.The trail follows the winding course of the Dudh Koshi river, passing through lush forests, pristine valleys, and windswept peaks.You’ll witness permanent Himalayan glaciers, solitary stupas, and strings of prayer flags fluttering in the wind.Everest Base Camp:The trek includes a visit to the incomparable Everest Base Camp, a holy grail for trekkers.Standing at the base of the world’s tallest mountain, you’ll feel the awe-inspiring presence of Mount Everest.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

 Another classic trek, the  Annapurna Base Camp Trek, offers diverse landscapes.

Crossing Thorong La Pass:The trek involves crossing the Thorong La Pass, which stands at an impressive altitude.Annapurna region have Interesting mountain views  from Poon hill and Annapurna Base Camp


Gokyo Lakes Trek:The Gokyo Lakes Trek offers a captivating alternative to the classic EBC route. You’ll venture through the Gokyo Valley, situated on the west side of Everest.

Highlights include breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas, including Mount Everest, and a collection of six high-altitude glacial lakes known as the Gokyo Lakes.Highlights include The trek starts with a picturesque flight to Lukla, the gateway to the Everest area. From Lukla, follow the trail along the Dudh Koshi River, passing through small Sherpa settlements.After Namche Bazaar, the trail diverts to Phortse Drengka, leading you to the mesmerizing Gokyo Valley.Explore the Gokyo Valley, climb Gokyo Ri, and witness the beauty of the fourth, fifth, and sixth Gokyo Lakes.For an ultimate trekking experience, consider combining the Gokyo Lakes trek with the EBC trek. 

Three Passes Trek:The Three Passes Trek is a challenging adventure that takes you through three high mountain passes: Kongma La Pass, Cho La Pass, and Renjo La Pass.These passes allow you to explore remote and less-explored portions of the Everest region.The journey starts similarly to the EBC trek, beginning in Lukla and passing through Phakding, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, and Dingboche.Instead of heading toward Lobuche, you’ll veer off to Chukhung village and ascend Chukhung Ri.While demanding, this route rewards trekkers with some of the most stunning and breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas.It’s a must-do for those seeking excitement and a chance to test themselves in the Himalayan wilderness.

 Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek:The Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek offers an alternative perspective.Ama Dablam is a striking peak known for its unique shape and challenging climbing routes.The trek takes you to the base camp of this majestic mountain, allowing you to soak in its beauty.The trail passes through lush forests, Sherpa villages and offers glimpses of other Himalayan giants.While not as crowded as the EBC route, it provides an equally rewarding experience.

Rolwaling Valley Trek:The Rolwaling Valley Trek is a hidden gem.It takes you into the remote Rolwaling Valley, surrounded by towering peaks.The trail is less frequented, offering solitude and pristine natural beauty.You’ll encounter glaciers, alpine lakes, and traditional Sherpa villages.The trek eventually connects with the EBC route, providing a unique perspective on the Everest region.

Difficulty Level: Moderate to strenuous.Best Seasons: March to May and September to November. A 10-day journey in the Himalayas offers a glimpse of the majestic landscapes, rich cultures, and breathtaking mountain vistas. 

 Everest Panorama Trek (10 days)

Day 1

:I arrived in Kathmandu.

Day 2:

Explore Kathmandu Valley’s historic temples and prepare for the trek.

Day 3:

Fly to Lukla and trek to Monjo (2800m).

Day 4:

Trek to Namche Bazaar (3440m).

Day 5:

Acclimatize in Namche Bazaar.

Day 6:

Trek to Tengboche (3870m).

Day 7:

Trek to Phakding (2610m).

Day 8:

 Return to Lukla.

Day 9:

Fly back to Kathmandu.

Day 10:



choose a trek that aligns with your interests, fitness level, and time constraints. Whether you seek mountain panoramas, cultural immersion, or spiritual experiences, the Himalayas await your discovery! 

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