Everything You Need to Know on Removal of Tattoos


If you’re among the many who regret getting a tattoo, don’t worry: there’s still hope for you. Laser or surgical removal can make you look and feel great again.

It’s important to know that tattoo removal is not an overnight fix and typically takes several treatments.

What is tattoo removal?

Tattoos are a form of body art that’s been around for centuries. They’re permanent marks created when the pigment is inserted into the skin through tiny punctures.

Newer techniques can fade or eliminate tattoos more effectively than ever. However, removing a tattoo can be difficult, depending on its size, color, and depth.

The three most common types of removal are laser tattoo removal, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. While they all work differently, each method relies on breaking down permanent ink particles into smaller ones that your immune system can easily remove.

How is tattoo removal done?

Tattoo removal is a complex procedure requiring knowledge of how your body responds to specific lasers. A dermatologist specializing in cosmetic procedures is likely the best person to guide you toward the proper treatment.

Q-switched lasers, which release energy in a single pulse, are often used to remove tattoos. They are especially effective on blue and black ink.

The pigment is absorbed by the laser light and broken down into smaller particles, which your body can easily remove. However, this process can take several sessions and will only partially remove the ink.

If you are getting a laser tattoo removed, you must follow the proper skin care instructions to help the skin heal quickly.

Stay away from baths, saunas, pools, jacuzzis, or other water-based activities while your tattoo is healing.

What adverse effects might tattoo removal cause?

Laser tattoo removal is one of the most effective and safest ways to remove a tattoo. However, like any treatment, it does come with some side effects.

Patients can experience pain during the procedure, but it’s usually bearable. In addition, many practices offer skin numbing to help patients feel comfortable and make the process more pleasant.

Some people may also notice their ink darkening or changing color after removal, as titanium dioxide oxidizes on the skin following treatment.

Some cosmetic tattoos containing white ink can also become darker after removal. These changes are called hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation and can be corrected with additional treatments.

How long does tattoo removal take?

The number of sessions needed to remove a tattoo depends on the size and color of the ink, and the technique used when the tattoo was created. For example, older tattoos often take longer to fade because they were made with a cruder method of depositing pigment into the skin.

The duration of removal also depends on the patient’s immune system. Generally, the younger and fitter a patient, is, the faster their body can eliminate ink.

Laser tattoo removal works by dissolving the ink into tiny fragments that are simpler for the immune system to remove. However, the tattoo’s surrounding tissue is not spared, so multiple sessions are required to maximize results.

What is the cost of tattoo removal?

There are a lot of options for removing tattoos. Lasers, surgical procedures, and dermabrasion are all popular methods.

Tattoo removal costs vary depending on how difficult your tattoo is to remove. How complicated it is, how many sessions you’ll need, and your skin type is all factors that may impact the cost of tattoo removal.

The most expensive option for removing tattoos is laser treatments that target the pigment in the tattoo ink. However, these treatments can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars and require multiple sessions.

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