Eyelash growth: The common method for eyelash growth


Effective tools to accelerate eyelash growth, the expansion and strengthening of eyelashes are often stimulated in many ways, from care products to pharmaceutical drugs. Allow us to understand precisely this “gentle” question. How quickly eyelashes grow: stages Each cilium consists of 4 parts: the bulb, the pulp, the cortical layer, and skin. The bulb, a kind of root, is to blame for the expansion of eyelashes. It supplies nutrients and stimulates cilia. The center produces and distributes protein together with keratin. The epidermis performs a protective function, and also the cortical layer contains dead cells. If any a part of the helium is broken, characteristic problems may appear hair loss, growth.

Eyelash Hair Growth Cycle:

1. Anagen,

 2. Catagen,

 3. Telogen

The eyelash hair growth cycle is split into three main stages (stages):

Angiogenic (growth). It lasts for about one month. Healthy helium can grow 0.12-0.15 mm per day. Kataginaya. The transitional period is 5-15 days. During this stage, the hair becomes curved because the hair follicles are actively contracting. Telogenic. The ultimate stage lasts about two months. After this era, helium falls off. All cilia are in numerous locations of development. For this reason, about 5-7 hairs shed daily that has sawed the ultimate telogen innovate humans. How long does it desire to treat cilia? Hair can fully grow in 1.5 months. Therefore, the expansion factor must be used daily for 30-40 days to realize the specified effect. The growth, number, and structure of eyelashes rely upon genetics. For this reason, many folks initially have rare and thin cilia, which are vulnerable to lose.

Why do eyelashes fall out prematurely?

 Factors that negatively affect the health of cilia:

Lack of vitamins. Use of low-quality cosmetics; Incomplete cleansing of makeup; Hormonal disorders. Diseases (for example – nutritional deficiencies). it’s worth noting that the person’s age plays a crucial role in this regard. Within the elderly, eyelashes grow slowly, lose pigmentation, and density. This can be because of the absence of hormones, minerals, and vitamins within the body.

Eyelashes can become dull, sprayed, and lifeless after building and marking. Such cosmetic procedures much spoil the condition of the hair. it’s highly recommended to switch chemical paints with henna and refuse to masonry. Overview of cosmetics Weak, lifeless cilia grows for an awful while, but this process is often accelerated with the assistance of various means – cosmetic and medical. it’s better to resort to complex treatment and take vitamins for hair, eyelash, and eyebrow growth. Cosmetics provides a relatively full and long-lasting effect, given that they contain the following components: Minerals, vitamins, and keratin. Taurine; unsaturated fatty acid. Glucosamine.

Bimatoprost or prostaglandin.

 These substances accelerate hair growth, making it thicker and more robust.


 Careprost – eyelash protein Careprost is an advertised product that has garnered heaps of accolades from various well-known bloggers. The merchandise is formed in India and is accessible in bottle form with a dispenser. One package contains 3 ml. Drops are often used for eyebrows and lashes. The tool contains a growth stimulator – bimatoprost. The answer is contraindicated to be used by minors. Promises from the manufacturer: acceleration of hair growth, thickening, and return of vivid pigment. The tool is admittedly able to straighten eyelashes and stop their loss. But this product doesn’t help everyone: many buyers complain that there’s no apparent result. In some people, a significant effect appears only after some months of use.

Lumigan Eye Drops

Lumigan Eye Drops solution for eyelashes growth. Initially, the drug manufacturer released identical eye drops. Subsequently, another attractive property of the drug was revealed, which positively affected eyelash growth. Lumigan Eyelashes – an answer made on the idea of fatty acids (bimatoprost). The drug provides for the regeneration of cilia. Active substances penetrate bulbs, thereby stimulating hair growth. The merchandise is obtainable within the style of a 5 ml bottle. It should be carefully distributed along the expansion line of the cilia, avoiding contact with the eyes. The answer may cause hair to look in unwanted places (if misused). The price of the merchandise ranges from 2000 to 4000 rubles. it’s better to shop for on the web site of the manufacturer.


Mortar from India Bimat, the answer is formed in India and comes within a 4ml bottle. The set comes with a special brush to assist in distributing the merchandise. The solution contains fatty acids (bimatoprost), common salt, acid, and water. The tool can cause sensitivity, it’s not recommended to be used by people with hypersensitivity. The composition of Bimat and Careprost is identical. Bimat contains a cumulative effect. The medication helps eyelashes grow in about 2-3 months of everyday use. After that, the result should be preserved with this solution 2-3 times every week. The value of the drug: 950 rubles. you’ll buy on the official website of the manufacturer.

Home remedies for eyelashes What to try and do if the cilia fall off?

 somebody’s eyelash loss can start for various reasons. The utilization of cosmetics isn’t enough, since most frequently, it gives only a brief effect. Additionally, some recipes may be made at the reception.

Castor oil

Castor oil is understood for its nutritional properties. This product is understood to own beneficial properties for eyelashes and eyebrows. Cathartic nourishes and strengthens hair along the length. Also, this tool stimulates the bulbs. Oil may be purchased at any pharmacy. The standard price for 50 ml is 100 rubles. it’s better to use the device as an independent product. To do this, apply it with a skinny layer with a cotton swab. Avoid contact with eyes. Use the merchandise one time per day (before bedtime) for 1-2 months.

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