Fabulous Strategies and Tricks for Carrom


What’s better than spending time with friends or family playing Carrom? Spending time with the whole team! Now imagine that you’re now playing Carrom among all of your best friends. Chances are, this game is becoming part of the casual gatherings you have every day, no matter what time of day it is. Make your next game day extra fun with these 10 Fabulous Strategies and Tricks for Carrom!

Benefits of Carrom

Carrom is a popular game played on a board of black and red circles. This simple game is practised with a wooden spoon, as the aim of the game is to knock the spoon off the board as many times as possible without knocking it too close to one’s position. 

Buy quality carrom board

All the equipment in the world won’t make your game better if you aren’t actually able to play it. When buying carrom equipment for beginners, it’s important to think about what your priorities are when playing. For starters, buying a high-quality carrom board is essential. It should be sturdy and considered professional-grade – even raw beginners can benefit from beginner-level boards that have quality components. Buying quality parts will save you money in the long run because professional-grade equipment lasts longer than cheap versions. If you’re just learning how to play carrom, you should start by purchasing a beginner book so you can get familiar with the rules before playing your first game.

How to improve your distance

Carrom, also called Karu-Maa, is one of the most popular table games primarily played in Europe and other regions around the world. It is simple to play, fun to watch, and has attracted an increasing number of players with its loud noise made by knocking pieces off the wooden board.

Game terminology and rules

Carrom is a fast-paced, quick-thinking game where players score points by sinking a disc into a small groove on the board. You can pick up Carrom in your backyard or find a partner and start playing among friends.

Checkout which starting position is right for you

One of the easiest games to learn, carrom is loved by everyone. Basically, there are two possible starting positions for your carrom pieces: near the heel of the foot or by the ball of the foot. The heel-of-foot position is also called a “forward break”. If you’ve been playing with your carrom pieces by pressing them with your big toe from this position, you will want to switch to a “back break” for quick and easy movement in windfalls and knots. Keep in mind that pre-refreshing may result in a slipped paper.

Good beginner’s strategy at the board

A beginner’s strategy can be found in this blog. Beginner players should make use of the location of the board, as well as look for openings during their opponents’ questions or answers like: “Do you want to end now?” and “Do you want me to take control of your shoot?”. If someone is playing at a table with other people nearby, beginners should move away from that person because that person might be distracting. Another thing beginners should do is exercise patience and focus on taking advantage of catches. Carrom is not easy, so beginners should keep this fact in mind so they don’t give up too soon.

Tips and tricks when a shot goes wrong

Carrom can be a difficult game for a beginner to master, but if you try some of these simple tricks while learning the game, learning to win becomes much easier.

Tricks to know when your opponent is about to throw a checker

If you want to be victorious, here are 10 winning strategies and tricks which will give you the advantage over your opponent. These tips are all designed to help catchers, but these strategies can also serve as handy tactics.


Carrom is an indoor game that involves throwing around wooden cues with great accuracy. This can be made into a family activity for people who would like to spend some time exercising while enjoying themselves. It’s also possible to compete with friends or co-workers by taking some shots around the world. Carrying forth on this would say that Carrom is one of the best games you could ever play at home!

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