Festive Attire to Jewellery Tips to Footwear Selection On Diwali


Basic Tips to Complete Your Diwali Look from Festive Attire to Jewellery Tips to Footwear Selection

The festive season is a celebration that continues for a long time with several festivals lined up one after the other. Families and friends meet in a setting that is quite different from a regular routine in this season. It is a time of joy and happiness that you spend with your loved ones. At the same time, it is the period when you want to dress for the occasion and look your best. You want to blend in beautifully with everyone and yet be noticed.

While the first step to achieve this look is selecting the perfect dress, that is certainly not enough. The complete look requires you to pair it up with the ideal accessories, jewellery, footwear and makeup. Only the entire ensemble can help you subtly stand out while merging with the others.

What Is Popular This Season?

Trends change frequently but come the festive season. It is time to create your own. You do not need to go all ethnic in your look, but striking a balance between that and contemporary will help you be comfortable with yourself while being in with the festive atmosphere.

Choosing the Right Dress

Think different, think elegance. The beauty of the dress is enhanced by the person wearing it. The style of clothing could be a very ethnic lehenga, a saree or even a kurta set. It could also be a fusion of traditional style with modern. Choose colours that you enjoy wearing. They could range from pastel shades such as peach or mint to bright colours like red or green. As long as you are happy wearing them, the grace will show. What is important is to maintain a balance by choosing appropriate accessories to enhance the look.

Sophisticated Accessories

For complete attire, you must select accessories that complement the dress and add a touch of sophistication and elegance. A heavily worked dress should be accompanied by delicate and subtle accessories, while a simple and elegant dress should be enhanced by accessories that are bold yet timeless. The accessories that you should add to your wardrobe for this festive season include jewellery, scarves/dupattas, ethnic shoes, bags and belts. Considering the ongoing pandemic, designer masks would make a good addition too. Learn more about pairing dresses and accessories for a magical look.


While your jewellery must go well with your dress, you must also take your face-cut and physique into account. Some evergreen jewellery styles go very well with traditional as well as modern clothes. Adding such jewellery to your wardrobe will keep you ever-ready for any occasion.


A woman is not complete without her little party purse. For the festive season, choose something that has a traditional vibe to it. It will not only go well with a very ethnic dress but will also complement your simplistic designer to wear beautifully.


While there are several designer shoes that you can choose to complete your look, the festive season attire demands the addition of a mojadi or a jutti to it. This kind of ethnic shoes are not only compatible with all sorts of festive apparel but are also very comfortable.


While dupattas are very integral to Indian traditions, the way they are worn continues to define new trends. Long scarves replace them in more contemporary settings while still exuding an understated charm. Dupattas and scarves to complement your dresses will undoubtedly supplement your closet positively.

While this festive season is going to be toned down a bit, given the pandemic, you do not have to tone down your festive spirit. Go ahead and celebrate the way you would even if it is not on a grand scale. Dress up and make yourself happy.