Food Storage and Food Preservation Methods:

Vacuuming- a FOOD STORAGE method

The conservation of food by Vacuum is a great tendency of modern cuisine but this Food preservation method is really the best to keep your food preserved ? Here are some answers! if it’s really best or not for food storage.


For centuries, there have been well-known methods for Food Storage and Food Preservation such as salt (cold meats), sugar (jams), lactic ferments (cheese), oil or even dehydration to preserve food. More recently, with the arrival of the modern era, freezing and preserving have appeared. Each of these techniques has its advantages and disadvantages, but results in either a transformation of the staple food, or a loss of vitamins and / or taste!

However, for some time now, a new method of food storage and Food preservation and conservation has come within the reach of households:

Food Storage By VACUUMING

If until recently, we believed vacuuming reserved for food professionals, it is now quite possible in your kitchen with increasingly compact and accessible machines for food preservation. Vacuuming extends the shelf life of your food up to 5 times longer.

However, there is vacuum and vacuuming!

It is necessary to be well equipped at the start to ensure a perfect vacuum that better adapts to the fragility of the product to be preserved such as red fruits or liquid foods while preventing the appearance of germs.

Oxygen is a big factor in the proliferation of bacteria. With vacuum storage, as the air is extracted, oxygen is also removed and microorganisms (which cause your food to rot faster) are too!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Food Preservation by Vacuuming:

Vacuuming has almost only advantages and very few disadvantages compared to conventional Food preservation methods. This method of preservation of food saves vitamins in the same way as freezing. (which eliminates them anyway after 5-6 weeks). But without altering the texture and taste of your food (which is often the case after defrosting).

It’s a big advantage to keep fruits and vegetables or crunchy salads!

Acquiring a vacuum sealer allows you to organize yourself in a better way in the kitchen by preparing your meals in advance; you can buy in larger quantities without being afraid to throw away, so you save time and money! It is not a gadget but a tool that will serve you every day!

You can finally eat fresh every day:

Speaking of saving time, Food storage and preservation by vacuuming has the property of speeding up marinades and food rehydration!

This type of food preservation is almost equivalent to canned food in terms of hygiene. Since it kills up to 80% of bacteria (whereas freezing only puts them to sleep).

In short, you will have understood that vacuum storage is the future!


The only drawback that can be found with vacuum packing machines are plastic bags! In fact, the majority of machines use this type of bag to vacuum food, which has two drawbacks:

Foods are compressed and their shape is therefore changed. It’s okay for a stew, but vacuuming a piece of cake is more complicated!

The waste created by this type of machine is considerable, not to mention that you have to buy bags regularly. Not very eco-friendly nor economical therefore.


At Mindsetterz, we are constantly working to put innovation at the service of all kitchens. That is why we have developed the Be Save, a bag-less vacuum device “made in France” , manufactured in the North. !

FOOD STORAGE: Adopt the spirit of conservation!

Its exclusive and patented motor is so powerful that it allows you to achieve one of the highest air voids on the market for optimized preservation. That all in glass containers!

The spirit of food storage and food conservation helps us to save food to prevent food shortage in the world. So by developing and finding new, advanced and harmless food preservation methods and food storage would enable us to cope with the challenges of food shortage.


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