Foolproof Tips to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike In Less Than an Hour


One of the best activities that you can spend with your kids outdoors is riding a bike. It lets you have a form of exercise while enjoying the passing view. For most biker parents, buying kids bikes could be as exciting as buying their bikes. 

But aside from choosing the best bike that your kids will use during your outdoor bonding activities, it is also crucial to understand how to teach them to ride the bike using the fastest method possible. But do you know that you can teach your kids to ride a bike in less than an hour? Here is a guideline for teaching children how to ride a bike. 

#1: How Many Hours Will It Take for Kids to Learn How to Ride a Bike? 

You only need to spend at least 45 minutes until your child learns the proper way of riding a bike. But the length of time can vary. It will depend on the child’s coordination development.

Kids, especially the younger ones, should develop balance and coordination once they turn 17 months. Their ability to balance must progress over the years to help them perform various tasks. Once you notice that the child can finally balance and coordinate their body, you may start teaching these kids how to ride a bike as soon as possible. 

#2: When Must You Teach Your Kids to Cycle?

While the age of children’s development varies, you can start teaching your kids to ride their first bicycles between the age of four to six. It is the perfect age for them to enjoy learning how to bike without being too self-conscious. 

It will help if your child learns the proper way of riding bicycles by following your example. One of the most innovative ways to help kids learn is to demonstrate the actual riding in front of them. Since they learn by mimicking others, you must show them how to ride before asking them to hop on their bikes. 

#3: What Type of Bike Should Your Kid Use When Learning to Ride? 

When buying kids bikes, you must consider investing in balance bikes as your kids’ first two-wheel vehicle. Balance bikes do not come with a set of pedals. It is helpful in honing your kids’ coordination development and allow them to get the idea of how to balance a bike. 

You must also look for bikes with the lower saddle to push themselves while balancing their bikes. Factor in your children’s height to get an idea about the appropriate elevation of the saddle. If it is too low, they will rely too much on their feet to stabilise their balance 

#4: Where to Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike? 

You must look for a quiet area with a smooth surface if you want your kids to learn to ride the bike fast. Avoid any place that has a hilly terrain because it will put them at a faster speed sooner than what you intend. 

It is also ideal to avoid grassy areas. Some would think that it will provide a softer landing in case of accidental falling. But this terrain can be more challenging because the kids need to push harder on their bikes. 

Once your children are confident when riding the bike by themselves, they will be happier to ride the bike on their own. You may gradually introduce the pedals in their bikes so you can take them on longer rides in the future.

Teach Your Kids to Ride a Bike – Where to Start

You can teach your kids to ride a bike. Teaching them how to go faster and further, or to learn tricks and proper riding technique is fun. Riding a bike helps develop physical and mental abilities in our children. These are also useful skills that will be helpful later on in life.

Try to get the help of an adult when teaching your child how to ride the bike. It is not as simple as just pointing and saying “ride” and the child may run away and do something stupid. An adult can help guide the child in the proper way of getting on and off the bike. A parent should also stay nearby when the bike is being taught to ensure safety. This will save you both time and effort.

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