Freedom Fighters forgotten by history


“Colonialism” the system in which a powerful developed country colonize small under developing nations in the name of development but usually ends up in plundering its economy. India has some horrible past when it comes to plunder, the nation was plunder by Afghans, Mughals and British in the last. Indian was colonized for almost 200 years by the British Government. At first India was ruled under the name of business by East India Company and later after the revolt of 1857 it openly came under the rule of British Raj. 

In the fight for freedom thousands of our people martyred, some were women, small children, and some were old too, everyone sacrificed their life for the nation. The freedom fighters did so much for the nation that they became immortal, because of them the nation attained freedom and India walked on the path of what it is today. 

The Freedom Fighters came from every section of the society, and today they are getting appraisals and honor by different books, movies, shows, the young generation is understanding their sacrifice but do you know some of our freedom fighters didn’t get their share of fame, some of them are not even mentioned in our books, it is so shame that because of some ideological differences they are forgotten by our governments, historians. We have a list of some unsung real warriors of our nation. 

  1. Bhikaji Cama 

You must have heard about the Bhikaji Cama place in Delhi but have you ever noticed who the person behind the name is? Bhikaji Cama was a socialist who fought the British Raj and actively participated in the Indian Freedom Struggle, she was also one of the first personalities who fought for gender inequality in the 19th century. 

  1. Khudiram Bose 

The youngest freedom fighter who was hanged by the British Raj when he was just 18 year old because of his actions against the Raj. He bombed a chariot of British Judge but unwillingly killed a woman and a child. His role and sacrifice inspired many people from Bengal Presidency to fight for our nation one of them was Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bose.  

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  1. Peer Ali Khan 

We all have heard about Mangal Pandey and his struggle against the British Raj in the revolt of 1857 but do you know Peer Ali khan was the one who started the agitation against the Britishers in Meerut, he was among the initial sepoys who rebelled against the Royal Cartridges made up of Cow and Pig’s fat. 

He was among the 14 Mutiny Sepoys who were hanged in 1857 by British Raj. 

  1. Matangini Hazra 

Only a handful of women participated in the freedom struggle Matangini was among them, she participated in Quit India Movement and Non Cooperation movement.  

In an agitation march against the Bristish Raj she was shot thrice by the officers but that didn’t stopped from marching she continued the procession with Indian flag in her hand and chanted ‘Vande Matram’ till her last breath but sadly her sacrifice story got faded by the course of time. 

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