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Frozen 3 movie is one of the most awaited animated films, that is expected to come after the unbelievable able success of Frozen 2. Therefore, the fans of this film sequel are eagerly waiting for its third part.

Records made by Frozen 2

Frozen 2 made many records including:

  • USD 477.4 million in the Canada and United States 
  • USD 972.7 million in other countries
  • Globally total of USD 1.450 billion.

This is a great achievement. And that is why people are assuming that Disney would surely make a Frozen 3 movie.

Box office records

There are rumors of the release of Frozen 3 soon. Frozen conquers the hearts of people whether you are a kid, teenager, adult, or old age. After the great success of Frozen, the director decided to make its second part. The first movie was released in November 2013. The songs in this movie were performed by Agatha Lee Monn, Katie Lopez, and Kristen Bell. While its second part was released in November 2018. The second part breaks the records of the first part. It was the first animated film that broke the box office records and grossed $1.45 billion worldwide.

Will there be a Frozen 3 movie?

The story of Frozen 3 starts from the point where Frozen 2 ended. In the second part, Anna ruled Arendell and Elsa lived in the North. Elsa became the guardian of the Enchanted Forest, where she found her parental connection to the Northuldre tribe. Secondly, to unravel the identity of the mysterious voice which is still unknown, Elsa may have more superpowers. Lastly, the fans think that Honeymaren (a member of Northuldra) will eventually return as Elsa’s friend. The other characters want to bring peace and happiness to the Enchanted Forest.

The creative director Jennifer Lee, says about Frozen 3 that it will have a better storyline with some funny scenes and the best portrayal of characters. According to him, it will be the final part of Frozen.

Mark Smith, the screenwriter of Frozen 2, told Collider about the third sequel that people still have Frozen 2 in their mind and imagination. Meeting all these targets, Frozen 3 is expected to release in November 2023 but there is no official date of its release. The production would fill a large gap between the last two sequels; they will soon announce the official schedule of the Frozen 3 movie.

Frozen 3: Starring Cast

It seems that there is no change in the cast in Frozen 3 except a few ones. The old cast is as follows

  1. Anna – Kristen Bell

(She is the younger sister of Elsa as well as the princess of Arendelle)

  1. Elsa _Idina Menzel

(She is Anna’s elder sister and is the queen of Arendelle Who has magical ice powers)

  1. Kristoff-Jonathan Groff

(He is Anna’s boyfriend and is playing the role of ice harvester)

  1. Olaf – Josh Gad

(a snowman created by Elsa’s magic powers)

  1. Iduna- Evan Rachel Wood

(Mother of Anna and Elsa and Wife of Agnarr)

  1. Agnarr- Alfred Molina

(Husband of Iduna and the father of Anna and Elsa)

  1. Mattias – Sterling K. Brown

(Leading the bunch of Arendelle soldiers)

  1. Yelena –Martha Plimton

(Leader of the Northuldra tribe)

  1. Ryder –Jason Ritter

(a member of Honeymaren’s brother and Northuldra brother)

  1. Honeymaren-Rachel Mattews

(a member of Northuldra and Ryder’s sister)

  1. Pabbie –Ciaran Hinds

(Rock trolls’ leader)

Frozen 3 release date

More than six years have passed since the release of the 1st and second Frozen movies. So, even if there are rumors of the release of its 3rd sequel, most fans are anxiously waiting for the return of Elsa and Anna until 2025 comes.

However, the prospect of this third sequel of the very famous Frozen movie is not been discussed at Disney yet. Nevertheless, the famous director Mark Smith and the co-director Chris Busk just revealed that the 2nd sequel was also not revealed and discussed openly in the public until a year after the release of Frozen movie’s 1st part.

Furthermore, as we all have seen that in both the 1st and 2nd part, there was a lot of physically and emotionally draining scene that the audience doesn’t even have the energy to even think or imagine about them. So, all we can expect and say for the 3rd sequel is “Let’s see.”

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Why is Frozen 3 coming so late?

According to the recent rumors and reports, we have come to know that the development of this 3rd part got seriously affected due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Wuhan of China became the center of the global transformation as well as the spread of this virus. Unfortunately, that virus crippled the whole film industry with uncountable financial losses. Besides big losses, a majority of small-term projects also got postponed or stopped for an inestimable time period. That is why the animated movie fans had to wait long for the Frozen 3 release date.

Why are fans anxiously waiting for the Frozen 3 movie?

The frozen animated movie is based on a Snow Queen fairy tale.  It got written by a very famous writer named Hans Christian Anderson in the year. However, it was not in the form of a film initially. Its story was reworked by many other people before it got presented in front of the audience as a film.

Both the initial 2 sequels of this story are directed by the very famous Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck. Although the 2nd sequel of Frozen movie was a major success, it left some problems and suspense for the upcoming 3rd sequel.

In Frozen 2 movie, we all saw that Elsa used to live in The Northern region while Anna ruled over Arendell. Elsa was the main character of this movie and she was shown as the protector of the Enchanted Forest. That was the place where she found the connection between the Northuldr tribe and her ancestors.

Now people are expecting much more thrill in Frozen 3. They believe that the upcoming sequel will wholly conclude the incomplete ending to Frozen 2. Moreover, it is imagined that this film may feature the royal wedding of Kristoff and Anna. Some other people are also assuming that this sequel will allow Elsa to reveal her supernatural powers and the mysterious unknown voice behind will also get unrevealed in this part.

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FAQs about Frozen 3

Q. no.1: Who is the voice artist behind Elsa’s voice in Frozen 3?

Ans: Behind the voice of Elsa stands the very famous Idina Menzel.

Q. no.2: When was the Frozen movie first released?

Ans: Its very first and original sequel got released in November 2013.

Q. no.3: Who will marry Elsa in Frozen 3?

And The fans of this movie are anxiously waiting to see the completion of Elsa’s love story in Frozen 3.


Although the wait for Frozen 3 has been very long for all its fans and followers. However, now the wait is going to be over soon as news and updates are in the air nowadays. It is expected to premiere in 2023 or 2024. We know very well that similar to all the other anxious fans, you will be waiting for it enthusiastically too. So, stay tuned to our website. As soon as we get its exact releasing date information and the exact launch details, we will update you. Apart from it, if you want to know any further details on it, feel free to contact and ask us. 

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