FuboTV Pause Subscription Feature – Boston Bruins and NESN


Streaming services have become increasingly popular over the past few years, offering consumers a convenient way to access their favorite shows and sports games. One such service, fuboTV live streaming, has gained a following for its extensive sports coverage, including NHL games featuring the Boston Bruins and broadcasts from the New England Sports Network (NESN). However, there may be times when a subscriber wants to pause or cancel their subscription for various reasons, such as financial constraints or a temporary lack of interest in watching hockey.

FuboTV offers a user-friendly interface that allows subscribers to easily manage their account settings, including pausing or resuming their subscription. This feature can be particularly useful for hockey fans who may not want to miss any of the Bruins games broadcast on NESN but need to take a break from watching for a period of time. By pausing their subscription, they can temporarily suspend their account without losing access to their favorite sports content.

The ability to pause a fuboTV subscription can also be beneficial for those who are traveling or have other commitments that prevent them from watching hockey games regularly. Instead of paying for a service they are not able to fully utilize, subscribers can choose to pause their account until they are ready to resume watching live sports. This flexibility allows users to tailor their viewing experience to their own schedule and preferences.

In addition to the convenience of pausing a subscription, fuboTV offers a range of features that enhance the streaming experience for sports fans. The service provides access to a variety of live channels, including NESN, which broadcasts all Bruins games throughout the NHL season. Subscribers can also enjoy on-demand content, DVR capabilities, and the option to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.

For Bruins fans who are considering pausing their fuboTV subscription, it is important to note that doing so may impact their ability to watch live games in real-time. While paused accounts retain access to on-demand content, subscribers may not be able to stream live sports until they reactivate their subscription. This is something to keep in mind when deciding whether to pause or cancel a fuboTV account.

When it comes to making changes to a fuboTV subscription, the process is straightforward and can be completed online through the user’s account settings. Subscribers can select the option to pause their account for a specific period of time, after which it will automatically resume. Alternatively, users can choose to cancel their subscription altogether if they no longer wish to continue using the service.

Before making any changes to their fuboTV subscription, Bruins fans should consider their viewing habits and preferences to determine the best course of action. While pausing a subscription can be a convenient way to take a break from watching live hockey games, it is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks to ensure that it aligns with one’s needs and interests. Ultimately, the flexibility offered by fuboTV allows subscribers to tailor their streaming experience to suit their individual preferences and circumstances.

In conclusion, fuboTV’s streaming service provides Bruins fans with access to live NHL games and broadcasts from NESN, making it a popular choice for hockey enthusiasts. The ability to pause or cancel a subscription offers users the flexibility to tailor their viewing experience to their preferences, whether they are traveling, dealing with financial constraints, or simply taking a break from watching sports. By considering the benefits and potential drawbacks of pausing a fuboTV subscription, subscribers can make an informed decision that meets their needs and enhances their streaming experience.


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