Georgia to be the Next Battleground in the Biden-Trump 2024 Election Campaign

Georgia to be the Next Battleground in the Biden-Trump 2024 Election Campaign

The campaign is heating up as election time approaches near. Both President Biden and Donald Trump are campaigning hard, by holding rallies and visiting different states. The next stop for both the current and the former President seems to be Georgia. 

Yes, you heard it right, both of them will be in Georgia at the same time. Georgia being a swing state with be heavily contested by both sides. After his spectacular State of the Union Address, President Biden is visiting Atlanta Georgia to sure up his support and bring the undecided to his corner. (Steve Contorno, 2024)

Former President Trump also understands the critical role Georgia will play in the upcoming election and that is why at the same time as President Biden visits Atlanta, he will be some sixty miles away in the Northwest of the state, holding a rally for his supporters.

Georgia holds great importance for both parties after the 2020 General Elections in which Georgia went blue. This was a major upset for Republicans and a huge victory for Democrats as the state had been Red in the previous elections. 

Democrats are hoping to win the state again, while the Republicans are working hard to change the situation. Both sides are hopeful that they will win in Georgia and are campaigning to that effect, and we will have to wait till election day to see who comes up on top.


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