Girls Building Empires Review – How Influencer Marketing works?


Influencer marketing first came to the forefront in 2006, when MySpace was still extremely popular. Brands were jumping on the social media train and trying to figure out what platforms they should use to engage with their target market. They settled on blogging as a way of showing authenticity and building trust with their customers.

Social influencers already have followers. They are the people that brands are leveraging when they use influencer marketing to engage with their target audience. What is an influencer? For many marketers, they think of a celebrity as an influencer. In reality, social influence operates on a spectrum from low to high influence. 

What’s Girl’s Building Empires?

GBE is a training program for aspiring Instagram influencers. Once you’ve joined, you’ll receive tutorials that walk you through everything from building a profile to optimizing it. The course explains how to generate money with Instagram. 

The Basics of GBE:

The first phase, which may be broken down into three weeks, will teach you how to pick a niche for yourself. It is critical since you require a certain audience. If you don’t create significant content around a certain topic, you’ll have a hard time getting sponsors or endorsement deals. 

After that, you’ll discover how to develop a positive mentality. Everything you post should be guided by precise objectives and tactics. You can’t expect to develop something serious by posting random things.

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Part 2 of Girls Building Empires:

In the next modules, you will learn how to properly construct a profile. It is the first thing people see, having the perfect profile setting may make a tremendous impact on your following. 

The last section is one of the most crucial. You’ll discover how to generate content that attracts new followers while also keeping current ones coming back for more. Even if you aren’t at your most creative, the templates may help you create effective material.

Part 3 of the GBE – Optimization

Although the third section is quick, don’t ignore it since it will determine if your empire-building approach succeeds or fails. This section discusses how to improve your profile. It explains how to write good captions. Instagram captions are often the most underappreciated aspect of the platform’s marketing strategy. Many individuals make the mistake of putting all of their attention on the media. While images and videos are important, the description may make all the difference.

Mastering Growth and Monetization

The social media race is won by the slow and steady, but you need a boost every once in a while. Viral posts can help you get there. Keep in mind that you’re walking a tightrope. Not all publicity is beneficial. To seek attention, a lot of individuals resort to performing ridiculous things. If you’re thinking long-term, you can’t do anything ridiculous or strange. You could get the views, but you’ll miss out on lucrative sponsorship opportunities. Such accounts will not be associated with brands. GBE will show you how to make viral postings the proper way without jeopardizing your reputation.

Getting likes is one thing, but converting subscribers into customers requires more. The last section will show you how to monetize your Instagram account.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Girls Building Empires:

What I like about the course is that it does not cost thousands of dollars. It’s strange to see courses promising to take you from poverty to riches yet requiring huge investment to get started. Unlike some other business models, such as affiliate marketing or drop shipping, it is a safe option. Small adjustments in the Google Algorithm or commission rates on Amazon might have a detrimental influence on your business.

It’s targeted at the correct people. Instagram is a fantastic platform for promoting companies in the health, beauty, travel, and leisure categories. Girls may be excellent brand ambassadors for any of these companies.

There is a lot of encouragement and inspiration available. Hundreds of thousands of like-minded ladies from all around the world will connect with you. It has the potential to open up a plethora of commercial and cooperation options.

The training does not guarantee that you will become a billionaire overnight. It simply instructs and encourages you to use great content to develop a brand. This is the mentality you’ll need to be successful in the internet world. There are no shortcuts. It’s all about hard effort.

Things I didn’t like: 

There was very little about the course that I didn’t enjoy, except the website, which provides very little information on the course’s founders and developers. They should have an excellent website and a blog that is updated regularly, in my opinion.


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