Before starting the surrogacy journey, many intended parents have a question in their mind about which destination is most suitable for surrogacy. They need to know everything about the surrogacy laws, the costs involved in this process, overall surrogacy statistics and various aspects involved in it, not only in their own country but also in other states. They are searching for the best global surrogacy destinations where surrogacy is legal, affordable and well-organized. 

This article contains information about the most renowned surrogacy destinations:-


The most popular global surrogacy destinations are as follows:-

  • USA

The United States of America is the most famous destination for surrogacy. In the USA, surrogacy is common and welcomed culturally. It offers excellent surrogacy services and arrangements with laws supporting surrogacy. Many intended parents prefer the US for surrogacy because it provides the best clinical services, expected match times as well as legal protection.

The surrogacy type most practiced in the US is gestational (surrogacy arrangement in which there is no biological connection between the mother and the baby). It includes a complete procedure of support that is carried out by a group of specialists together with a fertility clinic, surrogacy agency, attorney and other experts.

There are many places in the US available for the International intended parents where they can carry out their complete surrogacy process with safety. The US also legally protects the rights of both the parties, i.e. the surrogate and the intended parents. 

US have the most liberal laws regarding surrogacy, IVF and gamete donation for all Western inhabitants, such as Canadians, Australians and Europeans. Agency screening procedures are drawn out in such a way to ensure that the surrogate mothers are secure, acceptable and dedicated.


UKRAINE is a country which highly favors surrogacy. It holds clear laws about surrogacy arrangements. It is probably the third or fourth most famous country for surrogacy among the International intended parents. The first surrogacy process was carried out in Ukraine in 1993. It is among those few countries where surrogacy is also allowed for International intended parents. Check on maternità surrogata ucraina for more about surrogacy in Ukraine. 

The costs of surrogacy services offered by Ukraine are lower as compared to the USA together with a clinical, agency and legal services as well as medication fees.

While carrying out surrogacy in Ukraine, neither court order is needed nor the decision of a Special Commission. There is also no need for any adoption procedure. The names of the intended parents are mentioned on the birth certificates which are issued soon after the child’s birth. The surrogate mother is not considered the real mother of the child. Only prospective parents are regarded as the legal parents of the surrogate baby.   


Canada legally permits surrogacy but only the altruistic (unpaid) one. Under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act (AHRA), 2004, a surrogate mother can not be paid for her services. There is no publicly reported data concerning the number of surrogacy processes held annually but probably they will not be more than a few hundred. 

Canada has now become an interesting country for the International intended parents, especially for those who come from countries where surrogacy is legally prohibited. Although, Canada supports only altruistic surrogacy the surrogates can legally receive money from the International intended parents.

Compared to the US, the surrogacy costs are much lower in Canda which is a big benefit for those intended parents who are looking for surrogacy at reasonable prices. They can usually get lower costs through the lower surrogacy compensation as well as lower surrogacy agency charges.  


Georgia has legally permitted surrogacy since 1997. As compared to other larger jurisdictions, Georgia has a smaller number of surrogacy agencies and clinics as well as the yearly surrogacy cases are also lower in number. However, it is an attractive destination for the intended parents from various areas around the world, together with Australia, Europe and the US. The names of the intended parents are mentioned on the child’s birth certificate as the legal parents of the child but the surrogate has no parental rights on the baby.


Surrogacy is available in Greece for more than a decade ago. It has been made accessible for the intended parents, coming from abroad, since 2014. In Greece, surrogacy arrangements are normally assembled by the IVF clinics. However, the number of yearly surrogacy cases is lesser than other larger authorities and countries. 

The surrogacy carried out in Greece, functions under an altruistic model but there are legal provisions for certain compensation in determining conditions. The Greek law declares the intended parents as the real parents of the surrogate child and they have all the parental rights on the child from the very beginning. 


Hence, we can conclude that gathering all the necessary information before starting the surrogacy journey is essential for the intended parents. They should focus on different aspects related to this process just after they have decided to begin their expedition of surrogacy. One important aspect is determining the global surrogacy destinations. Prospective parents should first choose the destination which they think suits them best and then begin their surrogacy journey to avoid any sort of issues.