Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021
    Calgary MLS

    It appears wise to clarify what a Calgary real estate agency is before it goes into a property business and focuses on how a real estate agency functions. The role of a Calgary real estate agency is to bring buyers and sellers into contact in the real estate sector. The real estate agent thus serve as mediator between those who want to buy or rent a property and those who sell it.

    Real estate professionals must bring their knowledge beyond this fundamental relationship. They are thus asked to watch the legislative developments in the field, prepare the sales documents or manage all the administrative chores associated with these transactions. A real estate agency operates with a management and a team of real estate agents or businessmen who occasionally are backed by a sales assistant and a receiver.

    Your real estate agent in Calgary enables you, in keeping with your priorities, personalities, budgets and market realities, to better define your real estate projects and hence your research criteria. He will also advice you on the possibility and expense of equipping homes you have not considered.

    Any seller of course wants to sell his property at the best price through Calgary MLS. But in the context of a transaction between individuals, you are alone to estimate the fair value of the housing in question, and to initiate negotiations. Yet decisive moments, which can weigh heavily on the timeframe as well as on the profit of your operation… and which precisely, fall under the expertise of a real estate agent. Thanks to his knowledge of the market, you are guaranteed to position yourself on realistic price ranges. You can also count on his negotiation skills, put at the service of your interests.

    Simplification of the real estate transaction 

    Using a real estate agent service in Calgary to sell your real estate is a pledge of simplification of the real estate transaction. This professional knows all the inner workings of the procedure for the sale of real estate (bare land, buildings, condominiums, etc.). He will thus take care of all kinds of procedures for you, which will lead to the signing of the final sale.

    Among these procedures, there are in particular administrative, financial, technical and also legal formalities. The real estate agent being versatile, he will provide useful advice at all stages of the sales process.

    The obligation of information and advice forming part of the legal requirements incumbent on any real estate agent.

    Securing the real estate transaction 

    With a real estate agent to ensure the sale of your property through Calgary MLS, you can be sure that the real estate transaction is legally secure. You therefore do not run the risk that the sale is irregular or that one of the substantial formalities, such as the notarial formality for the final sale, is not respected.

    In addition, the real estate agent is equipped to deal with any disappointment (particularly financial) that his client may suffer. This is the reason why the real estate transaction professional must take out a financial guarantee as well as professional liability insurance, in the event that he commits professional misconduct against his client and has to compensate him.

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