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    Do you have a voice assistant at home or in the office? If you do then you know what a delight the device is – a technology that was much needed in this modernizing world. Voice assistants are basically your virtual assistants that provide a multitude of features that you never thought were possible this early on in the 21st century. But well, it is!

    You can now turn off your lights, change the temperature of the thermostat, play music from across the room, all with a simple voice command. That’s not all, there’s so much more that can be done. When you first heard of voice assistants it was always Alexa – Amazon has been the pioneer of smart speakers featuring voice assistants, and the rest have followed through. Google has managed to delve into the tech business, launching their own line of smart devices, including smart speakers featuring their very own voice assistant: the Google Assistant.

    Over time the two brands Google and Amazon have become competitors, trying to maximize market shares with their latest devices the Google Nest Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot. But which one is better though? Here’s a breakdown of what each device features so you can decide for yourself.

    Google Nest Mini Specifications


    The Google Nest Mini is by far the latest smart speaker that has been launched by Google. Featuring four subtle colors; chalk, charcoal, coral and sky, its speaker is enveloped in fabric covering that is sourced from recycled plastic bottles. This makes the Nest Mini an eco-friendly design that fits in perfectly within your home.

    Its device resembles more of a pebble shape, with touch controls. It fits in anywhere, all you have to do is plug it into an outlet and place it anywhere – your kitchen counter, the desk against the wall, wherever you see fit. It also has a mount at the back so you can hang it on the wall as well.

    How Does It Work

    The Nest Mini connects to the home Wi-Fi network and can be configured through the Google Home app. It features their voice assistant, the Google Assistant and provides hands-free help by connecting to smart devices and smartphones, so you can dictate a text or place a call, or turn down the thermostat just with your voice.

    One thing that the Nest Mini is great for is privacy. By switching to Guest Mode, users can avoid having their assistant interactions from getting saved onto their Google account.

    Amazon Echo DotSpecifications


    The Amazon Echo Dot comes in four colors; charcoal, glacier, white and twilight blue, with a fabric covering for its speaker. Unlike the Nest Mini, the Echo Dot does have volume buttons, action buttons and a mic off button as well. It features a round shape, probably twice the size of the Nest Mini and slightly heavier as well, along with a ring light at the base that lights up while conversing.

    How Does It Work

    Amazon voice assistants have been in the industry for quite some time, making them the top contenders of the market. Its assistant is the infamous Alexa. That goes to say, they are compatible with several smart devices – more than the Nest Mini. And similar to the Nest Mini, it also connects to the Wi-Fi and is configured with its mobile app.

    The Echo Dot features whisper mode, and blueprints to let you make your own Alexa skills, apart from the usual that a smart speaker can do. Play your music, sync your smart devices, check for the weather forecast – there is so much you can do, including adding customized skills to your Echo device.

    Which one is better: Google Nest Mini or Amazon Echo Dot? There is no certain answer to the question of whether the Google Nest Mini is the greater device or the Amazon Echo Dot. It depends entirely on the customer’s preferences and needs. The Nest Mini is still newer compared to the Echo Dot’s technology, and although it can be said that a lot of thought went into the development of the Nest Mini with its amazing Google Assistant voice control features, the Echo Dot still holds the upper hand with a greater list of features it provides – especially its customizable Alexa skill aspect.

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