Graphic Design Is My Passion

Graphic Design Is My Passion Meme

In this exclusive article, I am going to explore Graphic Design Is My Passion expression.

Someone having a strong feeling or excitement to do something in life or achieve a set target is called passion. Every individual possessing a creative mindset in this world has a passion. That passion pulls and motivates him throughout his life to achieve something big. 

The passions of all people may vary from each other greatly. Some want to be an artist or a singer. Others want to be an engineer or a doctor, etc. However, I do also have a passion, and that is graphic designing. And I feel proud to say that graphic design is my passion.

What is Graphic Design?

Before I discuss why I choose graphic designing as a passion, I want to tell you about graphic designing. Graphic designing is a unique art of communication process that occurs through visual tactics and modes.

Designers take the help of several different types of visual graphics as they may use

  1. iconography
  2. illustrations
  3. photography
  4. typography 
  5. symbols, images, and videos, and many more

They utilize all these items to visualize ideas of the mind.

History of Graphic Designing:

Earlier, it was famous as graphic art on papers in ancient times. But now, as it is a digital and technological era, modern advancements have named this field of art as graphic designing. But, for the time being, it means creating content with the help of digital photos and texts.

Designers take the help of computer software for designing several promotional content items with the help of graphic software. For example, they may design

  1. logos
  2. brands broachers
  3. magazines
  4. newspapers
  5. flyers, 
  6. Tv ads 
  7. Billboards and many more. 

Several graphic designing software is available in the digital market. But among them, three are very famous 

  1. Adobe Illustrator 
  2. Adobe Photoshop 
  3. Adobe InDesign 

Graphic Design Is My Passion meme: An easy way to chill out!

Doing serious work all the time, people feel bored. They need some relaxation to keep themself cool and calm. For graphic designers, it is fun and even inspiring in its way. Someone makes a funny picture with a funny quote saying graphic design is my passion meme.

It creates variation as it’s like a silly photo or illustration version of contributing a shot of happiness in boredom. The lesson from such ironic memes is that you need to take it down a notch and be alert from such funny situations.

Popular memes are those that include characters from movies, cartoons, and dramatic scenes. So, when someone says that “my passion is graphic design,” it means that the person saying this is of creative and jolly nature who wants to enjoy silly memes and moments.

Create memes on Graphic Design and have fun!

When the phrase is heard by me that ‘graphic design is my passion,’ it comes to my mind that let’s stop scrolling and laughing at silly graphic memes. Instead, it’s time to create my meme material. For that, I turn all visualizations that are in my mind into a shareable meme and post them on social media.

In the world of memes, any emmer having a passionate background is a legendary one. People should sort out what the meme means and how to learn a life lesson through fun. Clear tutorials and templates are available that how to visualize graphic design is my passion meme yourself.

Different versions of Graphic Design Is My Passion memes:

These primarily include bad motion graphic skills, WordArt, and default versions already accessible in Paint. All versatile memers having the diverse mindset of creating memes should be given credit for their creation.

One can use graphic designing for the best picture of imagination by utilizing:

  1. Comic Sans font
  2. Arial
  3. Times New Roman and many more. 
  4. Using word art is also a great option.

How to create/use graphic designing

Step by step procedure about using graphic visualization techniques is described below:

Step 1

First of all, you need to install and then open Adobe software. Then, create a new file in a size of your choice. For example, a 1920×1080 pixel document is standard for all social media posts. 

Step 2

Set background, text, and border colors according to your own choice. For meme creation, I suggest white and light grey hue colors.

Step 3

Create clouds via a filter which are present in the render option. Randomly moving clouds allow you to select a filter of your own choice.


Numerous variations have been created all over the internet since the first appearance of the meme. Some of these variations are text-based, which means the style is the same but content changes. 

Graphic designing and its relating memes where make your mind sharp and creative. At the same time, it at least makes you laugh with various collections of hilarious pictures.

Why is graphic design my passion?

Passion is all about your logical feelings or emotions. However, to achieve something big in life, you need to think big and work very hard. It relies upon you as an individual and what matters to you. The creative nature of a person loves to create what he/she is passionate about

One fantastic idea is enough to apply knowledge and experience so you can transform that idea into reality. One should do his best to visualize a perfect picture to say that graphic design is my passion boldly.

Everyone can create something better. In this field, feelings are involved as graphic designing substantially impacts us, like gravity. Conveying something by motions and gestures is a relatively easy way instead of verbal or face-to-face communication.

Graphic Design Is My Passion

Best option or not?

Personally, it is my opinion that graphic design is the best option to have affiliated with one’s career with knowledge, skills, and expertise. I always loved artifacts (visual art pieces and crafting samples)

Today’s technologies have made all these things easier to access. Computer software has now assisted us by making designing easier and created a diverse field of opportunities. Moreover, it makes them believe that graphic design is my passion meme for people of memes making community.

The practical reason for choosing graphic design as a passion is that it is an ocean full of opportunities. Which job does not need a graphic designer? The answer is NONE. In this digital era, video graphic activities are needed for all businesses.

The demand of graphic designers

Job opportunities in graphic design are endless. Demand for designers and illustrators is inevitable. Their expertise will be of great worth for different organizations in the future too. The visual design industry is progressing day by day, and soon it will reach its peak. 

This field contains the success stories of many millionaires. It was never easy to achieve as the path to being a successful designer contains so many climaxes. But still, I am enthusiastic to say that graphic design is my passion.

It will be challenging for beginners to adjust, but after consistent practicing and gathering experiences, everyone can be a successful graphic designer.

How to become a successful graphic designer?

First of all, one should stick with the aim that graphic design is my passion. Therefore, one should learn about it before claiming himself/herself a designer. 

Some of the valuable tips to develop skills in graphic designing are

Basic skills can be learned by self-learning

  1. Thousands of videos about graphic design tutorial are accessible on the internet
  2. YouTube is an excellent platform for learning as professional upload videos there
  3. After basic understanding, develop your skills by practicing
  4. If not suitable with self-learning, one can take short courses or enroll himself/herself in graphic designing courses 
  5. There is also a choice of completing a diploma in designing
  6. Practice and creativity in graphic designing make you perfect
  7. After developing technical skills, the next step is looking for work. For brand and agencies, good visuals are essential
  8. Keep an active eye on changes in the media, online outlets, and newspapers


The demand for attractive visuals in the future world would be huge. A diverse work portfolio would give you an edge and a significant advantage for getting a job as a graphic designer.

At present, no one cares about your academic certificates. They want to see how good you perform and lastly how good the work is. Almost every graduate writes graphic design is my passion in their CV. But that is to convince the interviewer that they should hire them. However, in reality, one should always write the truth in his CV. 

The story relating to graphic designing

It is about how a massive number of people make memes and silly pictures to make people laugh. The real-life story about it is as 

In 2014, a user posted a cloudy sky photo with a green cartoon frog with the caption graphic design as my passion meme. It went viral within few days all over social media. The photo reached 352 thousand notes in one year.

Still, now, people make a meme using the same caption. For being employed in the company, you have to show potential as the number of certificates will not do any good until you don’t have the reliable skill or related experience.

Freelancing and Full-time graphic designer

There are two basic types of designers all over the worldwide digital market claiming that graphic designing is my passion. 

One is full-time devoted to this passion, 

The other is a freelance graphic designer. 

Both of them have the same possibilities and somehow the same kind of challenges to face. However, choosing to freelance makes you able to work on your own.

While working as a full-time professional designer, you have to work with the community of such people. Wage rates and payment is very low for an inexperienced content creator. Therefore, you will have to develop your skills by gaining more experience to earn more.  


Self-development should be the primary concern in graphic design. You have to master skills with a lot of practice and learning. To be a successful designer, a good work portfolio is the most important thing.

You spend quality time on the things that you are passionate about. Moreover, creating something new for others engages you to spend more period on learning that skill. I am too involved in such activities, so I love to say that graphic design is my passion. 

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