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We all like opening presents, whether it’s on Christmas, our birthday, or after we’ve bought something online. As a result, unique packaging is an important yet sometimes disregarded part of your eCommerce business. For it, you have to use custom boxes.

Unfortunately, many businesses are unaware that packaging is a very crucial component of the product they offer. You’ve worked so hard to produce a product and experience that your clients will like; why fail at the last hurdle?

Custom Boxes For Ecommerce Businesses

Custom packaging can not only enhance your customers’ entire experience with your brand, but it may also have a number of additional advantages for your business. Packaging companies highlight some of the most significant advantages below:

1 – Increases Brand Recognition

Whether you are a tiny firm or a large conglomerate, brand awareness and recognition should be an important aspect of your marketing plan. There’s a reason why well-known firms like Coca-Cola and Apple spend so much money on brand awareness each year: they want to stay at the front of customers’ minds.

By creating a one-of-a-kind box that sticks out from your industry rivals, you’ll guarantee that everyone from the delivery driver to the consumer and all of their acquaintances is familiar with your brand. This will cause consumers to look up your business online and potentially buy your stuff.

2 – Improves The Consumer Experience

Have you ever searched YouTube for a product review before making a buy, only to be met with a plethora of unboxing videos? That’s because consumers like product packaging; it enhances the whole customer experience they have with your firm; there are even evaluations on the internet that solely look at the cardboard boxes a product arrives in.

To be honest, no one likes to receive their new exciting property in a dull paper bag. By packaging your goods in a high-quality bespoke box, you will improve the whole customer experience a consumer has with your brand. As a consequence, the capacity to build a loyal client base, convert consumers into brand ambassadors, and increase profitability.

3 – Create A Buzz On Social Media

According to a BigCommerce survey, 23% of online customers are affected by social media recommendations, and fortunately for your brand, social media users like discussing what things they purchase in their social feeds.

By providing consumers with elite custom boxes for your goods, you will not only improve the possibility that a customer will want to promote their purchase with their social media audience, but you will also offer prospective buyers the idea that your brand and items are of high quality. This guarantees a great first impression!

You can also use inserts to invite your customers to post a review or share photographs of the things they’ve bought on social media with a particular hashtag – this might be part of a competition in which they could win something in exchange.

4 – What Is The Ideal Package Size?

It is quite uncommon for a product to fit into a typical package size. Instead, firms will employ filler and padding to preserve the goods and provide it greater security so that it fits well and is not damaged. However, by choosing a bespoke solution, you may have the correct-size packaging to send your items without the need for additional packing materials.

5 – Packaging That Is The Proper Size Saves Money.

Nowadays, the typical shipping box has up to 40% empty space. For ground shipments, almost all major freight carriers and package delivery businesses currently employ dimensional weight pricing. This pricing method, also known as cube weight or volumetric weight, penalizes enterprises. Those are the businesses that send things in huge boxes on a regular basis. It is regardless of the quantity of the contents. Boxes that are too big for the contents need additional packing material. Also, it is useful to avoid unintended shifting and harm to the contents.

Over time, the additional weight and paper consumption may result in considerable expenditures for businesses. Also, it will increase in the environmental effect of their operations. Manufacturers and distributors may lower the cost of shipping. They can do it through most major carriers by producing on-demand custom boxes.

6 – Make Certain That Your Goods Is Safe And Secure While Shipping.

Shipping things isn’t as simple as it seems. Also, one of the most difficult components of order fulfillment for your firm will be ensuring your product arrives securely at your customer’s door.

Damaged or defective items will be returned by the consumer. It will waste your company’s time and money. Also, destroying what you’ve worked hard to build – a loyal client base and earnings.

Custom boxes will assist you in selecting the right-size box. It is ideal to keep your goods safe. It also reduces the amount of inner packing you’ll need for added protection. For instance, bubble wrap or brown paper.

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