Guide to Getting a Commercial License in Dubai


Trade licenses play a vital role in international trade. Trade licenses allow legal entities of the country to legally operate in the international arena. Trade licenses are granted to companies to set up legal accountability for their legal activities in the domestic market. For instance, a company that deals in textile products may obtain a textile export license so that it can freely set up a factory and set up textile production facilities for its products. Trade documents enable businesses to legally operate in other countries.

Registration of the company is also essential for trading activities. The company needs to submit its application to the Dubai Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). After submission of the application, the license is then processed and the necessary documentation is provided to the DFA. Upon successful processing of the registration, the company is granted its trade license in Dubai. Trade license is a must for all business owners.

If you wish to start a business activity in Dubai, it is important that you apply for a commercial license first. Commercial licenses in Dubai provide all the legal powers required for a business activity to legally function in the emirate. If you wish to start a business activity in Dubai and obtain a commercial license, you need to contact a UAE business license broker.

A number of commercial brokers offer their services for obtaining a commercial license for all types of business activities. However, not all of them are efficient and reliable. The license brokers usually charge a fee for the service they provide. This fee is usually paid on a monthly basis or annually. There are many benefits of using a licensed broker. For instance, a broker has access to all types of information and can easily assess the commercial value of your property.

Once the broker estimates the commercial value of your property, he contacts a UAE national agency for the issuance of the license. Once the license is issued, a copy of the license is provided to you. You should keep a copy of the license in your office for easy reference. If you have obtained the commercial approval and want to apply for an extension or redesignation of the license, you will need to contact the concerned national agency.

There are some important requirements that you must follow when applying for a commercial or private property and an intention to carry out business activities. When you apply for a commercial license, it is required that you have a share capital of at least five million UAE dollars. If you do not meet these requirements, the approval will be denied. Therefore, it is very important that you obtain a share capital of at least five million UAE dollars if you want to start a business in Dubai.

Deactivation Of Trade License In Dubai

Commercial activities in Dubai include all types of businesses, such as restaurants, shops, hotels, car dealerships, fruit markets, flower shops and many other types of businesses. However, the two most popular licenses in Dubai are the Dubai Electricity and Water Parks pass (known as EIDWPS) and the Dubai Trade and Business Parks pass (DTAP). The Dubai Trade and Business Parks pass allows foreigners to own and operate businesses in free zones, which are areas within the city that are designed as franchises. On the other hand, the Dubai Electricity and Water Parks pass allows the ownership and use of all commercial electrical power sources. Both licenses are valid for fourteen-day trial periods.

After the process of obtaining the license has been completed, the company documents, including the investment plan, business proposal and the translation of the investment plan, is submitted to the concerned department. The concerned department will then decide whether to approve the application or not. Once the approval is approved, the applicant can start preparing his business plan for the next phase. In addition, investors should also keep a watch on local laws and regulations related to investments in Dubai by keeping a copy of the relevant sections in their computer files.

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