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Considering the time of Pandemic, online shopping proves to be the most feasible and safest way to get your belongings at home without indulging in the risk of getting caught by the virus or by being involved in causing the pollution factor in India or getting involved in the extra transport expenses or fuel expenses. With online shopping website not that you get through your favourite brands in least time as possible but also, we can buy with least price as compared to what they give on the stores. Also, through these websites a satisfaction is endured by the awareness and also the reviews they grant us. There are many shopping websites available which provide us with suitable offers and all our day to day material which we so long for like, amazon offers, flipkart, myntra, nykka and many others. Many of the online discounted websites are available which provide with great discounts in India but there is certainly a method to attain and avail these coupons which can save not our money but also our time. 

Shopping forms every person guilty pleasure, especially when one is living in this millennium city and needs to match up with the lifestyle of the era without getting outcasted off a lot. Online shopping becomes more reasonable once it includes added coupons which eventually makes the shopping much worthful as with the added amount of discount one is credited with the added savings.  Without availing the deals and coupons, online shopping websites are no different than stores we visit in the market or shopping malls where most of our savings gets flushed out, whereas most of our savings can get a shelter through these discounted coupons. Not only time is saved through online discounted buying but also our hard-earned money savings every month gets an acceleration. 

Hacks while shopping online that can add up to your better shopping experience:

  • Working days, Tuesday to Thursday prove beneficial in accessing great deals at online shopping website
The Best Time to Send Emails to Boost Opens, Clicks, and Sales
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 The best way to catch up on really good deals is to know when and where to shop. It is said that from Tuesday to Thursday is the best time to shop with great deals, while Sundays are a complete off the hook day. If we decide to buy around November then, it is the month of massive sales because it is followed by theChristmas sales in January. It happens most of the time that the newer brands in the market are more likely to put better offers on their products than the brands which are set up in the market from ages, hence, it completely falls into place if we trust their debut in the market.

  • Credit cards forms the safe play than debit cards for online shopping website
Why credit cards are safer than debit cards?
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Contrary to popular belief, credit cards prove to be safer than debit cards while shopping online. If a merchant needs to refund the amount, the person does so only on the transacting details one bought from. In caseof a delay in delivery or if the product is different than what you ordered; credit cards are refunded faster than debit cards.

Make sure that the website you are transacting on is a secured website and do keep a screenshot of your order invoice as a copy with yourself, just in case your bank needs proof.

  • Follow influencers and bloggers for codes and discounts on online shopping website

Influencers and bloggers are the social media modals who play a huge part in bringing customers to brands. Not only do they come up with honest reviews about products, but they also come up with discount coupons and codes, that you wouldn’t usually find on websites. Also, we can keep an eye on their social media handles for amazing vouchers and giveaways.

  • Free deliveries accessed on Amazon filler items:

Shipping fees are the biggest turn offs while shopping online because they equal the charge of the discount, we receive. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, Amazon’s filler item finder allows you to make your cartitems to amount super low in price value, thereby reducing the extra paid unreasonable charge of shipping . Just put in the amount you need to reach the free delivery mark and the filler option will make a list of all your choices. And if not this then you can opt for Amazon Prime membership which is pretty cheap and gives several benefits of fast delivery as well as of certain extra available products on better offers.

  • The first- timers on certain online shopping website are showered with discounted coupons:

There are always certain offers available for first time users of the websites. While making purchases through these websites one should especially go through the offers and discounts, they are providing to the first-time users. For that all you need to do is subscribe to their newsletter or register.

  • Using online discounted applications for varied services:

Application like Magicpin is a platform which provides several additional discounts to its users not just on food and clothing but also on gaming sections like Smaash. It is a simple website where we need to upload our lifestyle or food billing details with a beautiful selfie and we achieve certain discounts accounting to the billing we paid for. Through those points we receive the additional discounted coupons which help us in various ways. 

There are many online applications like these from where we can be benefited with certain purchases we make in day to day life, like nearbuy as it provides additional discounts on the services of salon or on the online shopping of clothes, Zomato which instead of providing us with food delivery have an additional profile as ‘Zomato Gold’ which help us get valid discounts to the college students who on regular basis visit the café, lounges or bars.

5. Deals that are only accessible on apps:

Most of the times, retailers like Flipkart and Amazon roll out deals on their official websites, but certain are specific to the app purchase. It is important that we are always on the lookout for such deals on applications. There proves to be huge difference while shopping from application and website as there might be few other deals which offer different discount percentage while considering between application and the website. Never forget to compare prices between websites & apps before making a move. Certain Cashback websites also allow the users to shop for stuff online using these app only deals. This means that users can combine these retailer app discounts with the cashback offered by the website and pay quite less on their purchases. Also, we can apply for a triple benefit factor on Flipkart/ Amazon where promotional codes, bank offers and cashback comes hand in hand together.

Some additional benefits of shopping from online shopping website through discounted coupons:

Add Value to Your Brand with Online Coupons
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  • Being Regular:When we buy coupons and deals from these online shopping websites, we sort of become regular customers to them and hence can be provided from time and again benefited with certain gift voucher on our order or purchase. This makes us save great amount of money which you might not be able to save by visiting malls or stores.
Product Reviews
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  • Reviews:Instead of listening the mugged- up memorized lines of sales man which they literally hurl out at every next customer, through online shopping we can get the actual reviews of the product that it beholds, thereby increasing the customer awareness of the product.

Online shopping is clearly one stop destination with a trick-o- treat provided by the discounted coupons or additional discounts provided by the websites.

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