Harsh Heat of the Sun: How Do You Get a Healthy and Protected Skin?


As the Beatles’ song goes, “here comes the sun…” sunlight is indeed a good refresher after a long day of staying indoors. Ideally, sunlight exposure must be received early in the morning to get the essential Vitamin D that your body needs. But what if the sun exposure becomes too much for your skin?

For people that are always working outside, it is only relevant to secure sun protection for themselves, and this includes sunscreen, sun protection clothing, and drinking lots of fluids to keep their bodies cool. And aside from skin cancer, high exposure to heat and sunlight can trigger many health risks.

How Long Should You Be Exposed to the Sun?

As mentioned, early morning sun exposure is ideal for letting your skin make Vitamin D. But, how long can you stay under the sun? Ideally, 10-30 minutes of exposure should be enough to nourish your skin with vitamins. If you stay longer than that, you will be prone to sunburns and skin damage. Moreover, skin damage and any harmful aftereffects still vary depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Another factor that makes sunlight very harmful is Ultraviolet Rays (UV). It is electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun and some artificial materials and is the main cause of skin cancer, sun burning, and even eye damage. So, if you have the means to protect yourself from too much sun exposure, do it.

Zero Exposure: How Can You Protect Yourself From the Sun?

Zero exposure to sunlight may be advantageous for you if you aim to preserve your skin’s health, but on the other hand, sunlight helps your body produce serotonin. As a result, and due to a sudden decrease in your serotonin levels, it can cause a mental health issue often called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.

In the meantime, there are many ways to protect your skin and yourself against the harsh rays of the sun. But, it’s better to know first which of these options you are most comfortable with:

  • Proper Clothing

Clothing is the outermost layer that people wear when they go outside, and when using proper sun protection clothing, you provide another layer of security to your skin. Meanwhile, if fashion is one of your worries, then you shouldn’t worry about this too much! UV protective clothes come in different designs and are made of lightweight materials.

  • Use Sunscreen

Find a sunscreen that your skin is comfortable with, and have at least SPF 30. You must apply it 20-30 minutes before going out. And the only hassle that you should encounter in using sunscreens is the trouble of reapplication since it must be applied for at least 2 hours if you’re exposed to water and sweat. So, if you prefer this option, you should be patient.

  • Get Some Shade

When heat and sunlight are at their strongest, it would be best if you find a shade where you can relax and let your body cool down for a bit. At this point, no protective gear nor sunscreen would be enough to protect you from the strong heat.

Walk on Sunshine With Protection

Sunlight is vital in maintaining a harmonious life, but too much of it can be risky. So, to enjoy a walk on a bright sunny day without the fear of being at risk, you need to equip yourself with proper protection.


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