Here is Why Zeon Zoysia Sod is Better for Sports Activities

Natural Grass

Over the years there has been a serious debate regarding what type of grass should be adopted for various sports fields? Many are of the view that natural grass is the most suitable option because of its natural characteristics. But others have a different viewpoint. They believe that using sod and artificial turfs will satisfy them best. But the question arises that which kind of sod will work? A very popular of them is Zeon Zoysia Sod in Atlanta. Zeon Zoysia is a subtype of Zoysia sod. It is easy to grow it in warm areas as it has a fast-reproducing capacity. It originated from Japan, where a US farmer discovered a way to produce it on a large scale

Zeon Zoysia Sod in Atlanta and Its Usage

This type is commonly used in landscaping industries and home designing. But it is preferred amongst sporting event management companies because the sod has the characteristics to match the nature of the sporting event. Some other benefits of sod are also there that cannot be neglected.

1.      Golf Courses Turfs

Golf courses in Atlanta, are constructed using Zeon Zoysia. Thus, it is like a star amongst the sods. The teeing area where the golf game begins uses the Zeon as a base. Then the sod is employed on the pathways where the gold ball is bound to run. You can assume that the complete course of the ground is the base of the sod.

2.      Olympic Grounds

The year 2016, marked a special occasion regarding the most prestigious competition in world sports. Artificial turf was used instead of the original grass. Competition organizers were in dilemma regarding the working nature of turf. They took the gamble of using it. The concept became so flourishing that the administration continues the turfs and is yet in practice.

3.      Prevention of Erosion

Zeon Zoysia has another use in areas where the land is experiencing erosion. It has shown an impressive ability to battle erosion. The sod has roots that have the feature to clutch itself to the ground after a week of induction. In areas where there is limited skepticism of wearing down, the sod can eradicate the chances.

4.      Weed and Insect Repellant

Ordinary grass is very prone to various kinds of insects, pests, and bugs. Also, weeds can spread comparatively swiftly. But the Zeon Zoysia has features that can endure the onslaught of weeds and insects.

5.       Play Time

A unique characteristic of sod is that it can withstand massive foot traffic. The grass installed can sustain running, splinter, and other sorts of activities. When training on ordinary grass, it requires pauses to relax so that the grass can commence afresh. But the sod needs shorter rest periods, just optimum for players to rest.

6.       Low Maintenance

Zeon Zoysia is a kind that is produced on the basis that the buyer has to apply the least period of maintenance. Sods are the most reliable as they can be without watering and other maintenance for weeks. Thus, the turf can be used for longer periods without interruptions of maintenance.

7.       Consistent Usage

As less time is spent on the clipping and watering of the sod grass thus, the ground can be utilized continuously without any pause for long stretches. It enables the athletes to practice for extended periods. If quite are several breaks are taken by the players, then they will not be able to perform at the maximum potential on match day. 

8.       Environment-Friendly

 After extensive research, scientists have concluded that the main cause of global warming and pollution is the shortage of greenery. A small portion of grass can’t produce a large amount of oxygen. On the other hand, sod grass can produce far more oxygen. This extra amount can help better the environment as a whole.

9.       Heat Tolerant

Because of practice, the sports fields are opened to daylight all the time. Thus, the fields aren’t always watered properly. So, sod grass is the most suited option because it can endure intense heat and survive with little water.

10.   Not Expensive

When real grass cultivated onto a piece of land has a very high cost per foot thus, it is expensive to maintain lawns. Cultivating natural grass in sports fields can be expensive as all land is not fertile. But the sod is relatively less expensive.

11.  Comparison between Zeon Zoysia with Natural Grass

It is easy to apprehend whether natural grass is fit for sports turfs or a particular kind of sod. But still, if you have difficulty understanding why several sod organizations like Atlanta Sod Farms recommend turfs for numerous sports grounds, then the following deductions can assist you.

These are the benefits Zeon Zoysia has over other sods for sports activities.


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