Himalayan salt block & how long does a Himalayan salt block last?

himalayan salt block

Himalayan salt block is a pink color large slab used to cook food in various ways like cooking, grilling, chilling as well as for presenting. Wholesale Salt blocks is the most appropriate cooking ware that we now can use in our kitchen. It is the very rapidly coming in use now a days. It is a 100% pure and organic.

Bulk Salt block is best to use for cooking in kitchen due to its various benefits. From cooking to serving, it serves in all matters to bless our food a unique salty taste and an unbeatable presentation. Use of Himalayan Salt is common that’s why it’s manufacturing and export increasing day by day.

Physiologists suggest and promote usage of this natural product to avoid many complications that can affect our body one or another way.

Bulk Himalayan Salt Block Color & its origin.

We can find Bulk Himalayan Salt block in different colors from light pink to bright orange shade. Its color depends upon the stone shade that we use as raw material in its processing. These beautiful enchanting colors are due to the presence of 84 trace minerals in it.

Himalayan Salt slab is processes and manufactures form Pure Himalayan Rock Salt. That extracts from the Foothills of the Himalayas. This underlying Himalayan Salt is our asset. It is said that this salt is deposit of deep ancient sea salt that was under the layer of Lava. This burning lava removed all impurities in it. And lying underground for centuries makes and blesses it undeniable advantages. The presence of 84 minerals make it more appropriate and fit to use. When we use it as cookware it these minerals get absorbed by our food that make sour meal more healthy.

Beautiful and eye catching large stones picked as raw material for the manufacturing of our Salt slabs.

We can have it many shapes like round, square and rectangle and can be found in any shape or size. It is hand crafted, the expert very impressively carve and shaped it out to make it our desired product.

How long does a Himalayan salt block last?

Himalayan Salt block normally lasts till 2, 3 years. We can use it hundreds of times. Its life depends upon the method how we treat with it. There are some important points that we all should have in mind while using it.

  • Always store Salt block at normal room temperature.
  • Allow your salt slab to cool down to room temperature.
  • Start heating your slab gradually from low to high temperature.
  • Vice versa, start chilling your slab from room temperature then gradually move towards low temperature.
  • For grilling, always be careful and use preheated slab then put it into the oven.
  • Never heat up, slab at high temperature it can cause breakage of your slab.
  • Use always one side of cooking slab for cooking. It will also bless a tint of salty flavor to your food.
  • Avoid to touch pre-heated wholesale salt blocks because salt has a compact ionize structure and it will take time to be normal.
  • Direct washing through water is not good for the health of Slab.
  • Use sponge to clean your slab.
  • Tough parts can be rub by brush or sponge.
  • Dry it, and place it at rack to get dried.
  • Then store it at dry and humid free space. If there is humidity in air it will moist your slab. So in humid atmosphere store slab after well wrapping.
  • It also can be grind if after using it many times it becomes rough.
  • Always use preheated Salt slab to avoid any disadvantage.
  • For presentation or chilling purpose it is better to use thin layered Slab.
  • To check it reediness for cooking, just sprinkle drop of water if it sizzle you can consider it that it is ready now.

Why wholesale Himalayan Salt blocks is good for us?

There are large number of benefits of using wholesale Himalayan Salt blocks in kitchen. Many types of vegetables and meat can be cooked and grilled to have different taste. It is very good for us, let’s have a glance on some of the following major outcomes.

  • Himalayan salt is made up of Sodium chloride and other essential nutrients that are very good for human health. When we cooks on Salt slab it release ions that submerge in our food and blesse us more nutrients that are good for our health.
  • The salty composition of salt blesses our meal a healthy and unique taste.
  • Salt is very much known for its germs fighting qualities. Cooking or chilling on it make our food germ free, by killing outer bacteria that harm our food.
  • Its common use reduces the risk of food poisoning.
  • Himalayan salt is an excellent heat distributer. It lessen the time of cooking.
  • It is a unique texture to our crockery.

 This is always recommended and stands best to use natural products. Our common use crockery of different materials are considered to be harmful for our health in many ways so we can conclude that Cooking of Himalayan Salt slab is most suitable natural method that can be promoted


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