Hire An SEO Agency Like A Pro


You are likely trying to improve your business’ online marketing. To do this, you will need an SEO expert. You probably have high expectations and it’s normal to get excited about your first meeting with an SEO agency. You are confident that an SEO agency will give your brand the boost it needs to reach its full potential, just like most business owners.

Linkascope will give you all the information you need to move forward and answer any questions.

Standard SEO Agency Scope Of Work

You need to make sure that the SEO agency you hire can perform each of these tasks effectively before hiring them.

1. Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis is an essential aspect of SEO. It is not overemphasized and it is vital for SEO campaigns.

It is important to ensure that your chosen SEO agency can perform a thorough and competitive analysis of your website and identify the best keywords to generate organic traffic.

When choosing keywords for your website, they must also be able to comprehend the following:

  • Target market
  • These are the keywords that your competitors are most likely to use.
  • The right keywords can guarantee your ROI.

Are They Aware That Latent Semantic Indexing Is Available?

They must be able to identify the target keywords as well as the number required for conversion and web presence.

They must know which keywords will connect you to your target audience and allow you to place them in the answer box.

A company should have excellent digital marketing skills, and SEO strategies, and be able to decide whether keywords should be split based on the micro-movement of customers.

They should be able to build links and optimize meta descriptions.

They can provide a top-of-the-page estimate and generate keywords accordingly. This is important because a high page-to-page bid indicates the commercial intent of the keywords.

2. Content Audit

An essential part of any SEO campaign strategy is a content audit. It helps you align your content with searchers’ intent, and improves online visibility.

Your content will rank high in search results if it matches the intent of the searcher. Your chosen SEO company must provide a detailed content audit to you soon after they hire you, and at least once a year.

An audit looks at all content on your website and identifies areas that need attention. It will provide valuable insight into your website and key data that will help you with your content marketing strategy. A content audit is, in short, a qualitative assessment of your current KPIs.

3. Google Analytics And SEO Audit

Each SEO agency conducts technical on-page SEO audits. A good SEO company will inspect every aspect of a website as even the smallest omission could have serious consequences for ROI optimization. Although technical on-page audits can be extremely helpful, you should not be required to perform them every month by your SEO agency.

SEO audits are usually performed in the initial stages of an optimization campaign. The SEO agency suggests a few tweaks during this period to make sure your website is in line with current UX practices and follows search patterns and guidelines.

4. SEO Tool Selection

You should never compromise the quality of the SEO tool that you use to promote your website. Your chosen SEO company must choose the best option to increase traffic to your site and improve its ranking. However, you have the final say on whether the agency is competent enough to make that decision.

Every business is different and has unique needs. Your expectations of an SEO agency should be based solely on your business goals. Your objectives and goals should guide you in choosing which one to use.

Your SEO consultants might recommend you buy a specific outreach tool to boost your linking efforts. If they find that there are a few broken links on your website, this could be an indication that it is not ranking well in search engines.

It’s a smart idea to inquire about the benefits of any SEO tool that an SEO company suggests before you decide to proceed with it.


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