Honest Bee clone: Food and Grocery Delivery App Solution


The world that we live in today is cluttered with a whole lot of businesses and service providers. To start something new and having to compete in a cut throat market is just impossible given the recent CoVid 19 Corona Virus Pandemic Lockdown. However, there is another way around it which can ensure that your business moves forward taking others along. Basically, instead of having other businesses as your competitors, you can have them work FOR you and make money FOR you. This is where the whole Honest Bee clone app comes in to the picture which helps Food and Grocery businesses take off without taking away anything from the existing businesses. 

What does this all mean?

Typically, in the Food and Grocery business there are many business owners. So, they are all at each other’s throats to compete for the top spot. However, with the Honest Bee Clone app, instead of having these business owners competing with you, you can have them work for you. 

This is known as the aggregator model. With the aggregator model, you basically make your app the best platform for the different food and grocery distributors. They can sell their products using your app and you can make a commission every time they sell anything. 

online delivery business during corona crisis

The app works by digitizing the buying process of the grocery and food stores. Restaurants and grocery stores can make sure that they can make their products accessible and available for your users with the help of a mobile app.

How to get started?

All the people in the entrepreneurial worlds have an idea about the phenomenon of on demand applications but often people don’t really have an idea of how to get started. So, here’s our best advice.

  1. Understand the dynamics of the business.
  2. Study your market.
  3. Take a look at what your demography wants.
  4. Observe shifting dynamics of the consumer’s behavior.
  5. Research existing business models.
  6. Identify your competitors and study their business pattern.
  7. Take a look at the various apps that are present in the market.
  8. Identify the features that are there in the app that you believe are absolutely important for your app.
  9. Understand the importance of the integration of local languages and local currencies in the app.

Now that you have the basics down to the wire, you can begin to understand how to take the first step of starting your journey with the Honest Bee Clone App.

Why opt for a cloned app instead of a new one?

People have many misconceptions about a cloned app. people believe that cloning an app is an exact replica of the existing app. However, that is not the case. Building a cloned app is a huge thing to accomplish. You have to understand and break down the existing app and understand the code structure of the app. Based on that understanding; you have to create a whole new code string to inculcate all the important features from the existing app while adding some new and interesting ones that help in outshining any and all existing options in the market. 

The App Stores, that is, the Google Play Store and iOS app store, have very strict policies with respect to what they would accept for launch on their platform that you cannot create something exactly similar to the existing apps. 

The process of cloning may take anywhere between 16 to 18 months for development and over another 3 to 4 months for testing and launching. It requires a team of android developers, iOS developers, PHP developers, Content writers, app designers, web designers, quality analysts, data base analysts, systems analysts and many more in order to create that one flawless app. 

How to Choose the Perfect App for your Business?

The Honest Bee Clone app is a very popular one and therefore many developers around the world are developing their own versions of this app. This is perhaps the biggest reason why it is very confusing for the entrepreneurs to choose the right option. 

The ideal way to choose the right app is to choose one that is built by a white label on demand mobile app Development Company with at least 8 years of experience in building on demand apps. You must make sure that the company has built at least over a thousand apps that are live on the Google Play store and the iOS app store. 

While you are at it, it might also be a wise thing to take a look at the video testimonials of their previous clientele. It is important to see videos rather than just simple text, because you can check the development center and the kind of resources that the white label company has. It will also give you a fairly good idea of exactly what to expect from the company in terms of the quality of the apps. 

Author Bio:

Anurag Rathod is an editor at Appclonescript.com, he is passionate about guiding app-based startup solutions and providing on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid tech reader and loves creating ideas which are out of the box to promote new mobile app technologies.