Honor 9X Pro Vs. Honor 9X lite


Honor has become the most trustworthy smartphone brand. Honor is famous for its high-efficiency performance. Honor 9X Pro and Honor 9X Lite are no exceptions. Since their launch, these smartphones have conquered many hearts. Their advanced features make the users’ lives easier. 

Honor 9X Lite Features

Like all other Honor smartphones, Honor 9X Lite offers the best features to attract the audience. 

Design and Color

91% body to screen ratio with 6.5’’ touchscreen, Honor 9X offers an amazing visual experience to its users. ½’’ large sensor ensures high performance. Available in Midnight Black and Emerald Green this phone is eye-catching and stylish.

Battery Life

Powered by a 3750 Mah battery, Honor 9X Lite provides its customers with a long-lasting battery. 

Storage Capacity

Honor 9X lite provides a significant storage capacity with 4GB Ram and 128 GB storage that is expandable up to 512 GB. This allows customers to keep unlimited data in their phones along with their favorite apps.


Honor 9X Lite has a 48MP ultra-clear camera with a 16MP front camera, this phone is the best example of clear image resolution.

Honor 9x Pro Features

Honor 9X Pro is another gift by Honor to its customers. This phone serves its users in the most convenient way.

Design and Color

With a 6.9’’ touchscreen, Honor 9X Pro offers an unusual visual experience to its users. Available in Midnight Black and Emerald Green this phone is eye-catching and stylish.

Battery Life

Powered by a 4000 Mah battery, Honor 9X pro gives its customers a long-lasting battery experience in a less than 60 minutes charge. 

Storage Capacity

Honor 9X pro provides a significant storage capacity with 4GB Ram and 265 GB storage expandable up to 512 GB  that allows users to keep extensive data along with their useable apps.


Honor 9X Pro has a set of three rear cameras of 48MP, 16MP, and 8MP with an 8MP front camera, this phone offers high-efficiency image resolution.

Honor 9X Pro Buy Online

Honor 9X Pro is available online for customers. Honor 9x Pro buy online at various online mobile stores. Customers can order this phone directly on the Honor website or through any other platform. This phone is available at SAR 949.

Differences Between Honor 9x Pro and Honor 9X Lite

Launched by the same brands, these phones are different in many ways.


Honor 9x Pro offers 4000 mAh and Honor 9X Lite provides 3750 mAh battery capacity. This makes Honor 9X Pro a perfect choice for people who use the phones frequently.

Camera Capacity

Honor 9X Pro offers a set of three cameras that improves the quality of images and videos.


Honor 9X Pro offers a 6 GB ram with 256 GB whereas Honor 9X Lite gives 4 GB ram with 6 GB.

No matter which Honor phone you choose, all products serve amazing services for their customers. These phones are designed to facilitate the customers in their daily routine. Honor maintains convenience for its users.

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