Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

    Hot tubs are incredibly relaxing to use, and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t think so – unless they were concerned about how sanitary it is to share a pool of warm water with a bunch of strangers. Growing up, it felt like only the rich kids have a hot tub or a swimming pool in their home. But nowadays I see that many middle class homeowners have an intex inflatable hot tub or a similar model. So what makes this type of hot tub so popular?


    There’s no doubt in my mind that the bargain price of inflatable hot tubs is a major factor in their popularity. After all, people in the middle class are constantly on the lookout for ways to live more luxuriously on a cheap budget. This is a perfect example, because inflatable hot tubs cost a fraction of the expenses needed to install an inground hot tub – and they deliver practically the same results. 

    Ease Of Use

    Another factor that makes these tubs more popular is their portability. I have a friend who owns an airbnb cottage. She installs the hot tub throughout her high season, and keeps it running. However, if she has an event that needs the entire deck space, or during the off-season, she simply deflates the whole unit and stores it away. She doesn’t need to worry about cleaning it after the long off-season, or the expense of running it when she has no customers. There’s no need to hire a construction crew, or even any type of professional handyman to set up her portable hot tub. Setting it up basically feels like plugging it in, inflating it, and filling it up. It really is that simple to use. 

    Guaranteed Sanitary Conditions

    Remember when I said the only people who don’t like hot tubs are usually thinking of how unsanitary they can be? Well, by buying an inflatable hot tub, people can enjoy the experience with the knowledge that the water is clean as per their personal standards. Since it is an affordable purchase anyway, many people opt to use the spa at home, because they are sure it is as sanitary as they want it to. Of course, some people don’t care, but this is a major driving factor in sales of this type of hot tub. 


    While this doesn’t account for all purchases, I truly believe that the inflatable walls are easier to sit on and against – making them more comfortable. This is a highly subjective topic, but I’m willing to bet that some people are opting for the portable options because they enjoy it more. People start to see the results of this. That’s a very interesting question. Normally you will see a difference 14 days after but I would say that that is because of the swelling, the coming of the bruising, the real result in my opinion will come three to six months later.

    Give Up The Idea Of Perfection

    Instagram and other social media has created an image in our minds of the perfect mom, which is often very far from the truth. Stop comparing yourself to social media moms and assuming you need to strive to be as picture perfect as they appear in their posts. The truth is, everyone has their own parenting style, and more often than not, social media moms are projecting an image of perfection that has nothing to do with their real lives.

    Verdict: Should You Get One Too?

    In the end, the reasons for someone’s purchase can be a mystery.  If you like to go hot tubbing, and you have the money and space for it – then what are you waiting for? There’s nothing stopping you from ordering one, so you can find one online and set it up by the end of the day when you receive it.

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