How do Noise Cancelling Headphone Works?


Most of the time, when your mind and body wants peace from everything. The surroundings sound like; the roaring of the train, the hustle and bustle of people, rumble of an aeroplane makes you cranky and obstinate. And after all of sudden, you just want one thing, that is ‘to get rid of all these things’.

For that purpose, noise-cancelling headphones might be a better option for you. But if you think headphones are just made for sound lovers then you are absolutely wrong this time. Noise-cancelling headphones are actually life-changing gadgets. These headphone block the surrounding noise so that you can enjoy your music without any background distraction. After that, there’s no need to increase the volume all the way to harm your ears. These background noises will not distract you anymore!

 Rather than all of that, if you are a music lover, then have you ever tried to listen to music in public? I know it’s hell difficult. The thing that will help you in that situation are noise-cancelling headphones. These headphones are first discovered by Amar Bose to prevent pilots from the distracted from the engine noise of aeroplanes. And after time passes, the travellers also started using them. And if you’re looking for best noice cancelling headphones as your chooice then you can visit ReviewedEverything.

How Noise is Harmful To You:

Many people think that if you are not focused on noise then it would be OK! and the surrounding noise will never bother you”, but actually it is not, the noise still affect your ears. Studies have shown that long term noise exposure not just damages your ears but can also increase the risk of heart attack, irritation, anger, mood swings, difficulty in sleeping and concentrating.

How do they work?

These headphones work in a way that they create a sound wave that is similar to sound waves coming from outside noise and they both cancel each other. They allow you to just focus on the sound you want to hear.

When you start searching about noise-cancelling headphones you probably come across two technical terms, noise-blocking and noise cancelling. Noise blocking is also called passive noise reduction and noise cancelling is also known as active noise cancelling. Both are different from each other.

  • Passive noise reduction- These headphones create a physical barrier between your ears and the outer offending noise, it’s as simple as sticking your finger into your ears. Anything that covers your ears and due to that the outer noise maybe a little bit blocked, is called passive noise reduction. There’s nothing technical or built-in technology in these headphone. They contain a nice seal on earcups depends on the size of the ears, which then helps in blocking the surrounding sound.
  • Active noise cancelling- The basic concept of noise cancelling is not that much difficult. Simply think of a sine wave in a graph, having a positive peak and a negative peak. When these positive and negative peaks combine they cancel each other and the ending result is null. Which means these type of headphones produce opposite sound wave as of sound waves coming from outside noise, so they cancel each other and the resulting sound is null.

 A question definitely arises in your mind that “how adding two things results in zero”. Think back in your student life, when you add two same numbers having a minus number i.e, 7+ -7 = 0. I hope you GOT IT well!

If all the sounds are as simple as sine wave then it would be much easier to implement, manufacture active noise cancelling and also cheaper in price, but actually, it’s not like that way! The roaring of trains, crying babies, rumble of aeroplanes, all of these combined sounds makes things demanding.

Benefits of Noise Cancelling Headphone:

You will never regret purchasing them, you’ll never get back to regular headphones after having them. Because they do more than just music. The best thing about these headphones is that, if you don’t want to listen to music, you can also use them. They are best when you are travelling through public transport and want a relaxing nap time. These are also effective for students to study in a noisy environment.

Are these headphones worth it?

These headphone are always too pricey as compared to regular headphones because they do more than just music. These headphones use microphones, software and batteries, and because of that, they are more expensive.

One problem that occurs in low price/ cheap noise-cancelling headphones is that the manufacturer exerts a white noise like a hiss that effectively masks the noise, that’s not noise cancelling. Be wise in choosing the best noise-cancelling headphones!

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