How do Vapes Actually Work?


So, people of been trying to convince you to switch to vapes for quite some time, more likely than not. Smoking is incredibly frowned upon, above and beyond the original vilification (which was justifiable) of secondhand smoke. Smoking is terrible for you, and it is well known to everyone including yourself that it causes cancer, respiratory issues, cardiac issues and much more. In short, cigarettes can and will eventually kill you, with the rare exception. Maybe the health problems have been enough to motivate you, and I can kind of understand that, being someone who refuses to eat healthier or adopt some sort of exhausting exercise routine despite the fact that I would be much healthier if I did these things. There is that whole “you only live once” philosophy that means that unhealthy things may not, by merit of being unhealthy, the things you are particularly motivated to get rid of.

But, if you tried venty vaporizer vapes back in the early days when they were still called “the cigarettes”, and hated the experience, you are far from alone. I am a heavy user of vapes now myself, but I absolutely detested those early implementations of the technology. I am here to tell you that modern vapes are very different as far as formulation of the juice, but the technology side of it works pretty much the same albeit with better implementations than were possible back then.

How do these work, and what is vape juice actually made of? Well, the juice itself is just made out of a glycerin compound, an alternative form of nicotine in some sort of artificial flavoring. All of these are chemicals that are well known, and have been well known for nearly a century, and they frankly can’t hurt you. Even the nicotine can’t actually hurt you, it is just a highly addictive substance.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about how these devices work. They really aren’t that complicated, they simply contain a lithium ion battery, usually in LED to indicate power, and a heating coil as well as a material that holds the juice. When you pull on the vape, it triggers a sensor that applies power to the heating coil, heating it very rapidly to a high enough temperature that it evaporates the juice. You then pull the juice into your cheeks just like a cigarette, inhale then exhale.

When you exhale, and there is something visible that leaves your lungs, but you will notice that it dissipates in seconds. This is not a secondhand smoke that can actually hurt anyone. If you blow it in someone’s face, they may sneeze, and when you first start using a whiff vape, if you exhale through your nose, you may sneeze a little bit too. This isn’t because of an allergen or anything harmful, it’s just the water in the glycerin compound, and water vapor can make you sneeze a little.

Switching to these is extremely less hazardous than cigarettes, with no present medical evidence that they can do anything lastingly damaging. They leave no permanent older, they do no damage to your surroundings and they don’t cause any sort of respiratory issues. If you’re interested, Shosha vape shop is one of the best places to shop for vape juice in Australia, disposable vapes and to get more information about the products in general, with flavors being and beyond your imagination.


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