How Does Companion Services Help Seniors and Other Isolated Individuals?


In recent years, the loneliness and isolation experienced by seniors have been a major topic of discussion. The topic is so important that government agencies have taken notice and are implementing policies to combat this issue. One such policy is companion services for seniors and other isolated individuals to help them cope with challenges they face as a result of their isolation. As a result, professional home health aides in King of Prussia, PA, now offer companion services for people in need.

Seniors often face isolation and loneliness as they age, living alone with few outside activities. With so much time on their hands to think about these feelings, many seniors become depressed. Companion services can help alleviate some of this loneliness by providing companionship for seniors at various intervals their schedules allow. In addition, companions will socialize with the client, go for walks or runs together, or even play games.

Benefits of Hiring Companions

Promotes a longer and healthier life

Living a long and healthy life is something that we all strive to attain. Not only do mental health and physical health go hand in hand, but it is also well documented that the use of companion services benefits you both mentally and physically. The findings show that people who have companion services around them for an equivalent of 10 hours a week at home or in the community, such as visits from friends, family, volunteers, or neighbors, can reduce their risk of death by 33%.

Peace of mind

Some people prefer to live alone. However, for those who enjoy the company of others, companion services provide peace of mind. They do not want that someone come closer to them because it makes it difficult for leaving. Not only that they avoid their own relative so they do not tease them or play games. One reason is that they provide companionship, which can reduce loneliness and isolation, which are both associated with a higher risk of mortality. Companions also provide opportunities for social interaction, which has been shown to decrease feelings of depression and anxiety.

Dementia prevention

As people grow older, they are more likely to suffer from dementia. This is caused by the increased loss of brain cells and a decline in mental health that can’t be reversed. However, a new study has found that the risk of dementia can be reduced with companion services.

Fast recovery

Companion services can help patients recover quickly after surgery. People that are so sick and suffering from this disease can only recover it with surgery. People who have surgery often feel very alone and unsupported, but with the right care and support, people can recover at a much faster rate. Since surgery is such a high-stress event, many people experience an increased risk for developing depression and anxiety after they go home from the hospital. With companionship services, patients may be able to reduce this risk and improve their recovery by having someone to talk to and support them after surgery.

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