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Tally WhatsApp Module is usually an important part of the correspondence because it allows users to submit receipts, cash receipts, expenses, audits, and transactions instantly. Tally on Cloud then helps pull the seller’s data from the database, such as their mobile number, so that each piece of information can be transmitted to the relevant person in a matter of seconds and without wasting any more time.

Tally to WhatsApp module continues to result in longevity notifications as well as life assistance. In fact, despite the fact that the next 5,000 receipts would be free. The receipts’ information can then be forwarded.

What is the need to integrate Tally to WhatsApp?

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is the quickest, largest, and most peculiar platform throughout the technology business. There’s no arguing that Tally is the most extensively utilized ERP among businesses. Contemplate what you’d be able to accomplish if all of these technologies were to collaborate. Tally customized modules assist enterprises in scaling new heights.

Tally’s WhatsApp integration is a tremendous tool for organizations. Tally’s integration with WhatsApp has become a huge success. It can produce bills in Tally and type a delivery note in Tally using this. Tally TDL Components and Tally integration API are extremely helpful in accelerating up a corporation.

What are the Tally WhatsApp module features?

Some of the features of Tally modules are mentioned below:

  • In contrast to a postage signature, users can send any certificate, numerous receipts, and digital signatures.
  • The buyer’s amount, the consignor’s number, the particular salesperson, multiple receiver figures, and then several figures can all be delivered.
  • There is no limit to the number of messages that can be sent, and yes, they are all quite easy to set up.
  • A WhatsApp application that is available for free for the rest of your life.
  • A free lifetime upgrade is provided.
  • You will have free assistance for a lifetime.

How does integrating Tally with WhatsApp lead to cost savings?

The integration of Tally on WhatsApp was an accomplishment. Tally on Mobile facilitates the easy communication of media within businesses, as well as the automation of tasks using the most up-to-date and well-known technology and processing. Taly on whatsapp can also easily perform automated repetitive operations.

Messages are not subject to per-day Capping:

You can deliver an infinite amount of messages throughout the day. It is unrestricted and can be used on a daily basis.

No charges per message:

Both the API costs and the fees you pay are one-time charges. They don’t charge you anything afterwards. You can send an unlimited number of texts using the API.

Send any form of media file you want:

Text messages could also be used to send documents, photographs, clips, and other sorts of media files. 


When you enter a transaction in Tally, you may now send a WhatsApp message straight away. You may even send changed submissions to partners over WhatsApp, allowing you to have authority over the records. You can quickly send automated vouchers with this, and you can even automatically transition from Tally to WhatsApp.

This has been made very simple, and it is assisting businesses in their growth. For the new industry leaders, this feature and function are truly incredible. Hosting Tally on Cloud can be accessed remotely from anywhere at any time; visit Tallystack for more information or a free Tally on Cloud demo.

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