How many teeth do humans have and why?


Teeth are unique formations that consist of hard tissues and are also penetrated by numerous nerves and blood vessels. Animals use their teeth not only for chewing food, but also for protection from enemies, for hunting, and so on. How many teeth do humans have is a very interesting question, because their number changes regularly. It is necessary to tell in detail about what types of teeth are distinguished, what is their difference from each other, and why are they necessary for a person?

Tooth structure.

So what does a tooth consist of? First of all, these are:

  • hard tissues (tooth enamel, dentin, etc.);
  • soft tissues;
  • a variety of blood vessels and nerves that pass through the tooth.

If we talk about the anatomical structure of the tooth, experts distinguish three parts of it:

  • root;
  • tooth neck;

Of course, the question of how many teeth an adult should have is of concern to scientists. In this regard, the structure of the tooth and their number is carefully studied. There are people who, for example, do not grow wisdom teeth, but this does not interfere with their life and does not limit their nutrition.

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How many teeth are in humans; Adult and child

Scientists have long concluded that the normal number of teeth for an adult is 28-32. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Most of the children have 20 teeth, but there may be less. These 20 include 8 incisors, 8 molars and 4 canines. These 20 teeth are not strong enough that they may fall out but no worry they can grow later.

Types of teeth and their number.

Of course, teeth are different. Most often, experts distinguish the following types of

  • teeth:
  • incisors;
  • fangs;
  • molars;
  • premolars

If we talk about the number of incisors in a person, then there are only 8. Canines are even less, only 4. There are also from eight to twelve molars and 8 premolars. Each type of tooth performs its own function. So, for example, the number of incisors in a person is no coincidence, because it is these dentals that help firmly grip and chew food. Fangs also serve to grip and tear food. The rest of the types are intended for high-quality processing of food, turning it into a gruel that will be easy to digest. How many wisdom teeth a person has is also a very interesting question. As mentioned above, not everyone has these. It is normal when there are 4 of them, but sometimes it can be less, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. These are located farthest from the center of the mouth and are the last to appear in humans.

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Baby teeth.

It is worth discussing the first teeth that appear in a person as early as childhood. How many milk teeth humans have is a very interesting question. The child has only 8 incisors, 8 molars and 4 canines. These are not too strong, they often fall out, and then they are completely replaced with new ones, molars. The question of how many roots the tooth have is not worth asking, since their number is usually equal to the number of incisors, painters, premolars and canines. Surprisingly, despite their external fragility, are almost the strongest parts of the human body. For example, tooth enamel is the strongest tissue in humans.

Dental care.

Of course, the question of how many molars a person will have in the future depends on how he will take care of them in the present. You should brush your teeth thoroughly after every meal. Otherwise, holes will begin to appear in them, and then rotten areas. It is very easy to lose even the strongest teeth from birth if they are not properly cared for.

The number of roots in the teeth may decrease if the tooth cannot be saved. Usually the dentists of the Sanation clinic try to heal the tooth, remove the hole and carry out all possible operations to restore the normal condition of the gums.

When to call the Dentist

It is not difficult to find problems with your teeth, because at the slightest damage they begin to hurt, and sometimes bleed. In such a case, you should immediately contact a specialist at the Dental Clinic “Sanation”. By the way, you should not worry about small children, since the loss of milk teeth most often means the growth of normal, indigenous ones.

The question of how many teeth are in the lower jaw is also decided based on the person’s care for the oral cavity. There are usually 16 teeth on the lower jaw, as well as on the upper, but their number can be significantly reduced in case of improper care. In this case, it becomes more difficult for a person to eat solid foods.

As soon as the condition of the teeth reaches a critical level, the dentists of the “Sanation” clinic take up the installation of the false jaws. They help a person, everyone also has their favorite food, without experiencing pain. However, real teeth are much more important and necessary for a person. It is better to think about their condition and health from childhood, so that in the future you will not face problems and high costs. Dental work is not cheap now. That is why, it is better to take care of your teeth and try to keep them in the state in which they were in childhood, that is, strong and always healthy.

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