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How men’s health faced random challenges in the last decade?

In the last decade, men have in general developed various rising tende3ncies to certain disorders. If you in general look at what figures say then you will see that there is an ever-rising trend of some specific diseases and disorders that are on the rise. 

If you want to have a look at some of the health challenges that are on the uptrend then you have to keep reading this article right till the end. 

Now, there one more thing that we would like to add on before we start and that is that these health disorders that have continued to show an uptrend in the last decade are something that scientists and researchers say will continue to show an even higher uptrend in the upcoming years

All the disorders and health challenges that we will be mentioning below are somehow related to our worsening habits and lifestyle factors. 

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Heart disorders

If you have to ponder about what is the biggest health challenge that we face today well, it has to cardiac disorders for sure. 

Scientists and researchers say that the number of people who are in some form or another suffering from any form of heart disorder has increased multifold in the last decade. 

There has been an exponential rise in the number of people becoming victims of various types of heart disorders. 

Doctors say that poor lifestyle habits such as addiction to alcohol, drugs, excess smoking, poor diet that is not close to a balanced diet, lack of exercise, and some specific disorders such as heart diseases and diabetes are the main concerns that are causing heart disorders. 

As per the fact sheet of data and statistics are concerned as many as one in every four people have some form of cardiac problems in their lives. 

The other biggest concern that we particularly faced in the last decade was that cardiac disorders are no longer limited to the higher age group. 

People as low as in their late 20s or early 30s are seen suffering from cardiac disorders. 

Stress, depression, and anxiety

The book of statistics and records show that in the last decade there has been a significant rise in the amount of reported psychological issues. 

The numbers rose so tremendously high that it is almost beyond explanation.

You cannot imagine how we are prone to suffering from some form of psychological disorders anxiety, depression, and stress than our previous generation people. 

People in the previous generations knew little about psychological disorders as the reported cases were few and far between. 

Something that is most concerning about the rise of psychological disorders in the last decade is that most of its victims seem to come from a very young age group.

Somehow young men and women preferably in the early 20s to early 30s seem to be most prone to psychological issues. And one that is to blame for this would be our lifestyle only. 

With ever-increasing stress on our everyday lives, there seem to be more and more expectations on young people to deliver in some ways of life. 


There has been an eye-catching increase in the reported cases of asthma attacks in the last few years of the decade gone. 

To us, it might come as a surprise but asthma is a disorder with almost no cure. It has got preventive means though and you can control it.

The sudden feel of breathlessness, fast breathing, breathing via the mouth, wheezing, rapid breathing, and shortness of breath are some of the symptoms of asthma. 

Various triggering agents can initiate an asthma attack but most of the common ones include allergy symptoms with smoke, soot, dust, etc. 

Scientists and researchers are blaming it on poor climatic conditions and the rise of asthma allergens in the air that is triggering an asthma attack.

The most concerning thing is that there seems to be a genetic relationship between asthma and victim patients. And, children are also not spared from this disorder as they can contract it right from their birth. 


Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that hinders your erection capabilities and does not allow you to get hard. This disorder can bear huge stress on men and this can even seclude them from experiencing and living a normal life to becoming completely ascetic. 

ED also termed impotence is a disorder that is a general indication of some pre-existing health and psychological disorders in your body. 

Doctors and scientists say that the last decade has seen a very high rate of increase in the number of reported ED cases. 

And there is one thing that is particularly uncommon than what we had seen earlier. Doctors say that earlier they had mostly seen elderly people contract this specific disorder that is men who are above their 50s. 

But in the last decade, they have seen a growing number of ED cases in the young and middle-aged group of young people. 

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