How Modern Sortation Systems Can Boost Your Productivity

How Modern Sortation Systems Can Boost Your Productivity

Distribution centers and warehouses rely on sortation for success and efficiency. While sortation is not a new concept in warehousing, it was for a long time manual. It involved repetitive processes, and the result was a sorting system prone to errors, inefficiency, and ineffectiveness.

Things have since changed, and currently, many distribution centers use automated sortation systems to curb the disadvantages of manual, repetitive processes. Automated sorting leverages intelligent solutions to enable businesses to sort and distribute products faster and more accurately.

3 Advantages of Automated Sortation Solutions

Warehousing using intelligent sorting processes will undoubtedly have a competitive advantage. Notable advantages of automated sortation include:

Increased Accuracy

Processing orders manually is perfectly possible if you have a few orders to pick and process in a day. However, if your business has tens or hundreds of orders to complete each day, then human fatigue is inevitable. And the moment fatigue sets in, errors become unavoidable.

Automating your picking and sorting methods eliminates human strain and improves accuracy. Thus, you will enjoy improved speeds while you deliver the correct orders to your clients.

A Boosted Productivity

Businesses are about productivity and your ability to get your orders right and within the desired timelines. Although single order picking is perfectly straightforward, it is not viable for enterprises that handle substantial quantities.

Intelligent sorting solutions enhance batch picking, leading to labor efficiency. Modern sortation methods ensure that you deliver the right products to the right client promptly. Undoubtedly, this boosts flexibility and client satisfaction.


Finally, you stand to save money considerably by opting for automated sortation systems. Order fulfillment is a labor-intensive process. Manual processes translate to more manpower and more costs in wages. Independent reports indicate that order picking accounts for about 55% of a warehouse’s total operating costs. This can substantially go down with intelligent sorting solutions.

Supply chain automation solutions come in handy for maintaining a competitive edge. They are flexible, cost-effective, accurate, and efficient. Thus, adopting intelligent sorting methods is a perfect way to boost productivity.


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