How much should be My SEO Budget?

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Digital marketing has taken over the traditional methods of marketing. Though the traditional forms like advertisements on newspapers, television and putting on banners and flexes are still relevant today, most of the companies are rooting for marketing themselves digitally.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term for marketing a particular company and its products and services on the digital platform. It contains paid as well as non-paid advertisements unlike the traditional means, we’re only paid advertisements were viable. One of such inexpensive ways of marketing is termed as SEO or what we call Search Engine Optimization.

SEO practices emerged along with the easy access of the internet and the popularity of search engines like Google, Bing and more. These strategies primarily appeared to be really easy to adopt and hence, began to be overused and abused. However, along with the development of the Google algorithms most of the businesses that used unjust practices to rank their websites ultimately came down and only the companies that are firmly rooted in such practices are experienced.

The rising cost of SEO

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Though SEO is an otherwise inexpensive way to rank your business on the Search Engines, most of the companies lack time and appropriate knowledge to do their own SEO. Therefore, they are forever in need of others to take care of their digital marketing aspect. This has led to the growth of a bundle of companies offering services.

More and more companies joined this league of companies offering SEO services and this again started to be a threat for the companies wanting digital marketing services because most of the companies aren’t experienced enough. Moreover, this has also resulted in a diverse range of prices set by different companies for their services. However, it is important to note that the cost of SEO differs on certain parameters. Here are some things on which the SEO pricing depends:

The total amount of work

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If you run a number of websites that need individual SEO, then you ought to pay more for the all-inclusive SEO for them. The total amount of work that needs to be done is directly proportional to the money you pay. Therefore, if you need SEO, along with paid promotions and you also need services like website designing and development at the same time, then you need to opt for a higher package.

The company you are choosing

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The cost you need to bear depends also upon the company that you are opting for!

Here, if you choose a company that is into digital marketing for a long time, with considerable experience in years and distinction for delivering quality services for quite some time, then you would need to pay more. However, it doesn’t always mean that if you spend more you will get the best services. Thus, it is essential that you have prior information on the companies around you before choosing them as your digital marketing partner.

Local or National SEO as you choose

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In case you are going to market your company and its sales locally, in your country, then the price of SEO is lower when compared to when you target other countries as well. International SEO demands more experience, premium tools and is thereby, costlier than National SEO.

The Overall Competition

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If your company falls under such a niche where the competition in SEO is very high, then the cost of SEO would obviously increase. Therefore, market competition is an important factor that decides the cost of SEO.

These pointers are crucial in determining the cost of SEO that you would go for! Now, if you are wondering about some easy tips and hacks to budget your business, then here they are:

  • Look before you leap: Studying the market and deciding on the appropriate niche is important if you are setting up a new business but unsure about your niche. A niche with less competition means easier SEO at a lesser price and more success!
  • DIY: Yes, even if you are afraid of SEO, you need to ensure that you are not letting everything for your company to fix. Researching on your own and planning something, if not all, might help in lowering the costs down a bit.
  • Go for national SEO first and if you are successful, then only you are eligible for making your brand international.

If you follow these tips and read through this passage entirely, you can certainly be more successful in your venture without wasting much money.


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