How Old Santa Claus Will Turn in 2020?

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Saint Nicholas — our favorite Santa Claus was reportedly born in 270 AD, which makes him exactly 1,750 years old on the upcoming Christmas 2020. Are you surprised? Well, there is nothing to be stunned of; Santa is not a human! His father was an angel, and his mother was a human, making him a ‘Demi-Angel.’ However, he spent the first 73 years of his life as a total human to prove to his father that he is worthy of the superpowers.

Santa also had a brother, Claudius, who was filled with jealousy with Santa. In the rage, he dispatched Santa far-far away. Their father came to intervene in this heinous attempt of Claudius and released Santa with his powers on the 25th of December — the actual Christmas Day! It can also be called as ‘Santa’s Resurrection Day.’

Santa became even more powerful with additional supernatural powers by his father and was promoted to ‘Heaven’s Archangel.’ The most caring Demi-Arch-Angel has been so kind to the people, especially the kids, for many years; that’s why every one of us waits for him to visit our homes with presents. 

Let’s know some likings of Santa so, next time when he visits us, we remember to gift him something as well! Santa is of a height of 6 feet and 6 inches and weighs almost 250 pounds. He loves to munch on Snickerdoodles and Gingerbread Cookies. His favorite song for Christmas Day is ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town.’  


The real name of the wife of Santa is Holly Janey McBride, who was born on the 25th of December in 1,792. Despite being younger than half of Santa Claus Age, she is still married to him happily. She is the only child of Daniel McBride — an Irish immigrant living in the USA and an architect by profession — and Janey McBride — a homemaker who came so to death while giving birth to Holly. 

Santa and Holly are the perfect portrayals of age is just a number when two people are deeply in love. They got married on Valentines’ Day in 1815; that time, Holly was 22 years old and Santa? He was 1,545 years of age! To look like Santa’s wife, she aged for some decades — people get crazy in life! They started to live in North Pole City happily!

She is 227 years old right now and weighs approx. 180 pounds. She also is a fan of cookies, just like her husband, and loves to have Sugar Cookies. Her favorite Christmas melody is “Silent Night”.


Santa has devoted his life to be the helper of the people and the children. Even before he got angelic powers, he always looked forward to the welfare of kids. He likes to see them happy and smiling, and that’s why he considers himself as their father and all the children as his blood. As Santa and Holly both are always busy keeping every kid happy, and they don’t get much time to start a family of their own!

And they don’t even feel incomplete — they have a family having elves and reindeers as members. They all work together to deliver the presents to the billions of children waiting for Santa to come on the sled pulled by reindeer. They spend holidays and birthdays together, give each other gifts, and even have family dinners together.  


Red is the color of Santa! His signature costume is all red with a little white. The Santa cap is the most prominent part of his outfit that an ordinary man wears when he can’t find a Santa costume — and this cap gives the perfect Christmas vibes. Santa’s most iconic characteristic is his big round belly that gives out the best’ ho, ho, ho’ sound that we all love!

You can be a Santa too! Just get a bright red trouser having fluffy white trims, wear shiny black boots (keep in mind to tuck the trouser out), add a belt on the belly, and layer with a red Santa Jacket. Add accessories to the outlook like glasses and white gloves. When you are done with the outfit, now come to your hair. Add a white hair wig and a white beard wig to complete the look. Don’t forget to practice the iconic Santa’s ‘ho, ho, ho’!

Concluding with the point that Santa is REAL! Because of him, you are receiving amazing presents and that too according to your wish, every year. You will also find many Santa Claus Jacket roaming on the internet since the start of November — and if you are still not convinced about Santa’s authenticity — stay ready not to receive any Christmas gift this year!


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