How SEO Helps E-Commerce Businesses?


Search engine optimization [SEO] includes a gamut of strategies designed to help enhance the quantity and quality of traffic driven from Google to your website. 

SEO aims to help sites rank top on Google. It means better visibility and more traffic. E-commerce SEO is focused especially on enhancing lead numbers and quality. Even if your website is attaining plenty of site traffic, SEO works in attracting qualified leads. SEO activities enhance website traffic as well as attract prospects that transform into buying customers.

Søkemotoroptimalisering (SEO) by Mementor has been helping the Norwegian businesses rank high on popular search engines, especially Google because of its dominance. Google Controls 93% of the global search engine market, so it clearly is the best one to rank on top. 

How does SEO help eCommerce businesses?

There are plenty of jargon and technical concepts surrounding the SEO process. The clear fact is that SEO does not genuinely impact your bottom line but is a way that helps to enhance your profit margin. 

E-commerce businesses need a steady new customer stream and loyal repeat buyers for growth. SEO helps to bring in new consumers and build confidence and trust among online buyers. 

Generate more leads

SEO helps to generate quality leads. 30% of e-commerce traffic arrives from search engine queries. It means SEO places your business in front of seekers directly, thus offering more opportunities to close sales. 

Search is reported to be an exclusive driver of traffic…it is 300% more powerful and successful than social media.

Enhance lead quality

Besides generating more leads, e-commerce SEO tactics help to pre-qualify the leads. Often e-commerce sites receive clicks from visitors not ready to buy or who are unsure about your brand. 

Just clicking on the product page does not offer them information or direct them toward your sales funnel. Alternatively, SEO helps to detect what those visitors want and show them the information they came in search for.

Multiply sales

More clicks from qualified leads increase the chances of sales and profits. According to a study, search engine-generated leads have a more than 14% closure rate. 

Builds authority

Domain authority shows how respectable and trustworthy your eCommerce website is to search engines. The more user-friendly, helpful, and relevant your website content is the more you are perceived as an expert. 

In search results, authoritative sites rank on top and enjoy seekers’ trust. SEO is a crucial tool that helps to create a website that builds authority and trust among people who always return to gain reliable information.

Lessen marketing spends

SEO is long-term ROI. It means your SEO efforts will pay for themselves eventually and bring more than the costs. For example, in a study content-based SEO brings in 748% ROI and technical SEO generates 117% ROI on an average. 

A well-designed web page will keep bringing in traffic as long as your brand remains relevant. Paid advertising campaign brings in traffic but not for long. The moment your budget ends, the paid results vanish but organic results via SEO activities last for years. 

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