How the Process Recovery Center Helps Everyone Find Their Recovery Process


What is the process to recovery? What is that journey all about? There is no one answer to these questions. Everyone’s recovery process has to be different, so no one even knows the answer. But the Process Recovery Center will help each and every patient find their own individual process so they can find that road to recovery…and stay on it. Their approach to recovery is being echoed by other centers all over the country as more communities learn that different types of therapies and programs are an effective way to manage substance abuse problems.

The Recovery Process

There are many steps on the road to recovery. Each is a goal to hit and each is a milestone. The Process Recovery Center helps patients keep track of their progress so that they can hit each of these goals and celebrate each of these milestones. 

The Process Recovery Center uses an approach where patients self-test to find out where they are in their recovery. Patients will ask themselves questions about whether they’re accepting their disease if they’re taking action toward wellness and other questions designed to help patients find out where they are on the road to recovery and how to ultimately get where they want to be. 

Treatment and After Treatment

The Process Recovery Center offers a number of different programs and therapies designed not just to help patients detox from drug and alcohol abuse and not just learn how to stop using. These treatment programs are designed to target the reasons for addiction, the buried trauma and pain that can create addiction issues. The process to real recovery is all about treating the cause of addiction, not the drug and alcohol abuse that is the symptom of these traumas. 

The treatment programs available at the Process Recovery Center include: 

  • Hypnotherapy. Through hypnotherapy, clients learn how to manage their addiction on an emotional, cognitive, biochemical and energetic level. Various methods of hypnosis are used to help target the root cause of addiction.
  • EMDR. Those who don’t respond well to talk therapy treatment may find EMDR very effective. This therapy does not require a lot of talking. It’s designed to find unprocessed traumatic memories in the brain and help the client face them. 
  • Neurofeedback. Through neurofeedback, brain dysfunction that causes depression, ADHD, PTSD and anxiety is treated. This therapy can also be effective at treating the symptoms of addiction.
  • Deep breathworks. The simple act of breathing can be difficult for the recovering addict. Clients learn how to achieve a state of co-consciousness with deep breathworks techniques. This can help clients learn how to heal trauma that gets stored in the body as negative energy.
  • Ear acupuncture. While some find it strange, ear acupuncture has been proven to minimize withdrawal symptoms. It increases calmness and can also provide stress relief and even potentially heal emotional trauma. 

The Recovery Process

At the Process Recovery Center, every client has their own treatment program custom-designed from start to finish. The treatment is individualized and designed for each patient because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to drug and alcohol treatment. Aftercare programs and long-term support networks will also be put into place so that clients can continue to follow the path to sobriety well after treatment is over. Recovery centers that take this approach help clients design their own road to recovery in an effective way.

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