How to Achieve a Minimalist Look?


When it comes to minimalist style, less is more. In the fashion world, minimalism is all about going back to the basics and letting the cut, color, and quality of your clothes shine. Minimalists have the ability to look effortlessly à la mode without the need to buy into fast fashion or go on a shopping spree every weekend. Here are a few top tips to help you achieve a minimalist look.

  1. Clear Out Your Closet

Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and give your closet a complete overhaul. Take a look through your closet and find the clothes and accessories that still spark joy in your life. The rest can go to your local thrift store. It is a good idea to keep hold of a few basic pieces that can be easily paired with other items of clothing.

  1. Minimalist Pieces

Garments that can be easily mixed and matched that you might already own include jeans in various cuts, neutral-colored blouses, good quality t-shirts, long-sleeve tops, and staple dress pants. Staple jackets and winter coats should also be included in your minimalist closet. In addition, if you enjoy going to the gym or you like to participate in sports, you will want to keep some exercise clothes too. This can include various sportswear, including exercise shorts, yoga pants, and shirts made with moisture-wicking materials. The number of garments you own should depend on the type of lifestyle you lead. People who find themselves regularly engaged in social events may prefer to keep a few more pieces than those who spend the majority of their time at home.

  1. Accessories Are Key

In addition to giving your clothes an overhaul, you should also go through your accessories and discard the pieces you hardly ever use. However, you should keep the pieces that will help you pull an outfit together. The accessories you keep should help you style an outfit no matter the season. Key pieces include everyday sunglasses, bags, hats, watches, shoes in classic styles, and belts. Belts with a minimalist design can play a functional yet stylish part in your outfit. They can be worn to keep a pair of slacks up or with a dress to give you a new look. You can find a minimalist belt at to suit your style.

  1. Style It Up

As mentioned previously, using a few pieces of clothing and a few choice accessories, you can create many different styles with a minimalist closet. For example, pairing your favorite jeans with a t-shirt and a pair of casual shoes leaves you with a simple day-to-day outfit. Tuck the t-shirt in, add a belt and some jewelry and swap the casual shoes for a pair of pumps, and you have an outfit that is suitable for lunch dates with the girls.

  1. Don’t Be Tempted to Shop

Once you have achieved a minimalist closet, try not to be tempted to shop for unnecessary pieces. If you do end up purchasing additional clothing and accessories, ask yourself whether you truly need those items. If the answer is ‘yes’, make space by going through your closet and donating the pieces you no longer need.

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