How To Care For Your Dried Flowers?

dried flowers

Flowers are fragile and will change over time. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that you can use to give your dried flowers a freshening boost. You might even be able to make your flowers last a lifetime if you care for them properly. A clear example of this long lifespan is the dried flower arrangements in the UKwhich are growing increasingly popular in the region. These dried flowers can easily last up to a year if you handle them properly.

However, most people do not know how to care for their dried flower. We understand this problem, therefore we have lined up a few techniques to care for your dried flowers. The tips will help you prolong your dried flower life for maximum use. So, without further hold, let us start with the list

Tips To Care For Your Dried Flowers

You can follow the following tips to prolong your dried flower life for a long period.

No Water

Unlike fresh flowers, the dried flowers do not need water for a longer life span. The water might actually make the dried flower soggy and make them die faster. So, if you want to prolong your dried flowers, you should keep it away from water at all costs.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Dried flowers gradually fade out and that is part of their charm. However, we suggest keeping them out of direct light if you want to slow down the fading process. You can keep your dried flowers vibrant for a longer time if you do not let sunlight reach them directly, so make sure you store that in a covered place with minimum sunlight exposure.

Be Gentle

The dried flowers are obviously dry and are more prone to damage and breakage. You may see flowers falling out from your plant if it is dried but it is nothing to despair. You can collect these broken petals and flowers and use them differently. For example, you can gather lavender flowers and utilise them for a calming burst of scent in your room or surrounding.

Avoid Movement

We have already mentioned how fragile dried flowers are therefore, it is important to be extra careful with them. A simple way of doing this is by placing your flowers in a quiet spot. Avoiding unnecessary and frequent movement near your dried flowers might help you preserve their life and freshness.

No Touch Policy

Everyone likes touching flowers for different reasons but they might end up damaging your flowers if they touch them too much. Therefore, you should ensure keeping your dried flowers out of human touch. Doing this will increase the chances of saving your dried flowers for a longer period.

Keep them out of unnecessary exposure

Guarding your dried flowers is not limited to the human touch only. You should also keep your pets off the dried flowers because they might damage them. Keeping them in a safe place will reduce the chances of knocking them, covering them in fur or others sorts of damages to the flower.

Good Airflow

You should ensure that the place you place your flowers has no temperature fluctuations. A simple way of doing this is to have good airflow in the placement area. You should focus on keeping these dried flowers in a withered condition because the dampness might ruin your dried flowers completely.

Last Thoughts

So, as you see, following simple steps can make significant changes to your plant life, as you can keep them alive for years to come. Now, that you have guidance on preserving dried flowers, maybe it is time to get some for yourself too. You can always reach out to Jardin Des Roses for the best collection of dried flowers and dry sunflowers for floral arrangements at affordable prices.


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