How to Change Bank Account Number? Is it Possible?


A bank account comes with a lot of details. This includes information like your bank’s routing number, etc. One of the most common pieces of information we receive from the bank. At the very next moment of opening an account is the bank account number.

We can use this number to receive money through electronic transfers. And if you face any issues with the account. Then you will be asked to share this number with the support team of your bank. Basically, this number is used to track your account.

If you don’t know your account number. Then learn how you can find it.

But what if you don’t like your account number and want to change it?

Change Account Number

Is it even possible to do it?

No, you can not change your bank account number. This is not possible at any cost and till now the banking industry of the world has never thought of this.

That is because this does not make any sense for the banks. But there might be people or the customers like you who would wish to change it.

Even after people willing to do it the percentage of people willing to do it is very less. And that is the reason why the bank just doesn’t want to invest their time and resources behind this thing.

If you visit your bank and ask the people of the bank to change your account number. They will tell you that there is no way to do it.

There is a reason why this number can not be changed.

With this number, there is a ton of information about you that is stored in the database of your bank.

If you are wondering what information? then let me list out some for you.

  1. Your name.
  2. Home address, office address.
  3. Your debit cards, credit cards.
  4. Transactions you have done using your account from the beginning.
  5. Loan details.
  6. Location of the ATM or POS where you have last used your debit card or credit card.
  7. Your social security number, etc.

Note: You should never share your bank account details with anyone. This can be very dangerous.

Even if the banks allow the customers to change the account number. The bank has to migrate all this information to the new number.

But it is just not that easy as it feels and sounds. Technically speaking this is a very hard thing to do.

Do You Still Want to Change Your Account Number?

I have told you that you can not change the bank account number and also the reason why the banks don’t allow this change.

But if you still want to change your account number.

Then you can do it! The process is a little complex but you can change the account number.

Ok, How?

That is by closing your existing bank account and then opening a new account with the same bank. This time you can ask the bank to allow you to choose an account number or just offer some other random number.

If you are not understanding this thing. I will make it even simple.

Consider that you have an account with Chase Bank. So what you have to do is close your Chase Bank account. And then open a new account with the Chase Bank again

By doing this you can get rid of the account number you don’t like. And if you are lucky enough then the people working for the bank might allow you to choose the number of your choice. (very rare)

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