How To Choose a Flower Girl Dress? Here’s the Expert’s Advice in Metairie


During a wedding apart from the bride and the groom, the flower girl also gets the wow from the audience. Seeing the cute little girls walking down the aisle during the ceremony adds to making the event at its happiest. So choosing a lovely collection of flower girl dresses in Metairie is important. Here are some tips to get that perfect flower dress that will surely fit those cute little girls:

Not the Perfect Fit. 

Flower girl fittings are a little bit different from wedding and bridesmaid gowns, and that’s a good thing for you! Little girls don’t have curves yet so don’t worry too much about fitting the dresses well as long as the dress matches their body size then that will do. It is more flexible when it comes to choosing the right dress, it can be below the knee or even up to the ankle and will look great on those flower girls. 

One Size Up. 

Young girls grow up fast, so when choosing their sizes make sure to get one size up from their present sizes when they do the fitting. This way it can still fit them perfectly on the wedding day. A loose dress is better than a tight one. Even make-to-order dresses are placed with a 1” seam allowance so they can still make remedies if the girls grow some weight. 

No Appointment is Necessary.

The good about getting dresses for your flower girls is that appointments are not needed. You can pick the dresses and just refer to their clothes sizes or base the sizes on the clothing store. You can even shop online since the sizes and measurements are provided. It will be convenient to choose which dresses fit your flower girls best. 

Popular Hues. 

It will be good to choose the popular shades for your motif on your wedding day. Flower girl dresses are also updated based on the shades that are in trend. This way you can easily choose one that matches your motif for your wedding. 

Ask Her Opinion. 

To give more confidence to your flower girl to walk down the aisle ask them what dress they would want to wear. They might give a good suggestion and may even suggest something that is out of the box since young girls have more fairy tale imagination for dresses that can make them more stunning and catchy. 

Think About the Neckline.

High necklines will be perfect for flower girls to avoid any wardrobe malfunction during the special days. They are little girls and playing around with their dresses can not be avoided. High necklines can make them comfortable and can secure their dresses as well. 

Be On Budget.

Set your budget and know the prices of the flower girl dresses so you will know what design to focus on. Set a budget that is rough to get you a stunning dress and yet not too expensive. 

Where to buy a flower girl dress in Metairie?

Finding the right place to buy a flower girl dress is not as hard as finding a wedding gown, however, take the following factors when choosing a store to buy those flower girl dresses. 

Look for a store in Metairie with a good reputation 

Ask people’s recommendations on which store sells this kind of dress and they can surely tell you which is the right place. Choose stores that are known in your place since this means they have a good dress to offer and make sure that they have positive feedback from their previous customers. 

Check their Designs 

You can visit their sites to check on their dresses or visit them personally if you have time. By looking at their dresses alone you can tell if they have what you are looking for. Browse every shop in Metairie since buying local can be better so you can check the dresses in actual and check on the quality and see them up close. Also, find out if they do made-to-order dresses so you can make your flower girl’s dress more personalized. 

Now that you have read How to choose a flower girl dress? Here’s the expert’s advice! You can now start shopping for your flower girl’s dresses and be ready for your special day. 

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