How to Choose Great Bicycle Bags for Cycling?


People use bicycles for their daily commute, errands, and long trips. The bikes need some space to store your repair kits and other stuff. A messenger bag or daypack is suitable for shorter trips, and some gear carrying racks, baskets are necessary too. The carry bags required may differ from person to person.

The need for bicycle bags in australia is always high as people are always busy with outdoor activities. Apart from surfing, hiking, trekking, etc., people in Australia love cycling. 

Cycling is a usual form of transport, sport and recreation. Australians enjoy physical activities, and cycling improves health and reduces road congestion and pollution. These are the reasons why the number of bikes sold every year is increasing.  Since 2002, the Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards was set up to promote this healthy habit and reduce traffic.

There are many types of bicycle bags mentioned below which you can buy and a bike top tube bag will prove of much help, though you can choose them according to your requirements.

Types of Bicycle Bags


It’s for on-bike commutes, urban riders, and long-distance excursions. This bag is ideal for carrying daily items, additional clothing, and camping supplies.


On fair-weather rides, it’s ideal for carrying a variety of stuff, including grocery bags.

Baskets can carry loads when fixed on the back and front of your bicycle. In most cases, rear baskets are positioned on either side of the rear wheel. Because they don’t have a cover, they can carry tall loads.

Saddle Packs

Smaller goods such as a multi-tool, spare tube, tyre levers, a patch kit, or an energy bar are best carried in this bag.

This bag, also known as a seat bag, saddle bag, or under-seat bag, is designed to fit beneath your bicycle seat and is normally attached to the saddle’s rails.

Handlebar Packs

It’s ideal for carrying essentials that are needed regularly, such as a camera, sunscreen, and snacks.

Clamps or straps secure this to your handlebars. It provides better access and, in many cases, greater space than a seat bag. Some variants have a translucent plastic sleeve on top that may be used to display a map, which is popular among touring cyclists.

Rack truck

When you need something smaller than a pannier but larger than a seat bag, this is the bag to choose from.

Rack trunks are smaller than panniers but larger than seat bags, so they’re a good compromise for extra clothing, bike equipment, and lunch. Plastic sheets are commonly used to support the foundation region and keep the bag’s shape.

Features of Good Bike Bags

If you plan to buy a bicycle bag, you need to know the features to look for.


Some bags have compression straps or expandable collars that can be adjusted. This lets you carry a variety of loads without the unused portion of the bags blowing in the wind or the burden moving as you ride.


Handlebar bags are more accessible than panniers or seat bags, making them ideal for little things that are needed regularly. Other features to think about are: How many openings are available? Do you like zippers or flaps? Is there a huge, undivided space, or are there little pockets for the organisation? 


If you’re an all-weather rider who isn’t afraid of rain or road spray, search for a bag that is labelled “waterproof” rather than “water-resistant.” Waterproof bags are composed of rubberised material and will keep the contents dry even if it rains. To keep water out, many of them have a roll-top closure. Buying bicycle bags in australia is not that tough if you know your personal needs and weather conditions.

Attachment Options

You’ll probably want to bring your gear with you if you park in public locations. Panniers are easily detached from racks using a simple system of spring-loaded hooks, clips, or bungee cords. Instead of buckles or rip-and-stick straps, seek seat bags that include a quick-release mounting bracket.

There are various types of bicycle bags in australia, as mentioned above. If the bag you choose has the features mentioned above, then your ride will be fun and easy.

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