How to Clean Skateboard Bearings


Skateboard bearings usually have a long service life and need regularly some maintenance. If you are going through rain or ponds, it is a good idea to put on a belt later to prevent it from rusting too quickly. A lot of people have a set of old wheel bearings, especially for sliding and skating in the rain. Prevents rusting of new bearings obtained for speed boards!

What you will need:

  • A small cloth
  • About 30 minutes
  • Knife for rubber shield or circular coating for metal shield
  • A warm and bright place
  • Certain types of lubricants/solvents
  • Rolling immersion drawer (preferably with cover)
  • Light fat cream/speed, etc.
  • Possibility to make tea

Ways to Clean Skateboard Bearings

There are two ways to clean your skateboard bearings. A quick and easy way to fit bearings and a long and complex way to fit bearings much better. If the bearings slow down, look dirty, or make a low, strange noise when you rotate the wheels, you need to clean the skateboard bearings. To prevent this, the bearings should be cleaned frequently, even if they are a little dirty or have not been cleaned for a long time. Cleaning the skateboard bearings in this way can extend the life of the bearings and improve the skate experience. In other words, you can enjoy the board more.

Step#1 Setup and Tools

First, remove the skateboard bearing from the skateboard. You can clean it without removing the bearings, but you don’t do that. A quick and easy quick shot.

You need a rag, a napkin, or a paper towel-it will be a nuisance, so if you’re going to clean your bearings in your living room, make sure you have a lot of towels, please. And you may not want to wear your favorite clothes.

Step#2 The Quick and Easy Way

If the bearings are cheap ($ 50 or less), or if you plan to consume the bearings quickly, use the quick method. The problem with this fast technical way is that the squeegee contains surfactants and flavorings, which are not the best choice for skateboard bearings. (If you spend more than $ 100 on skateboard bearings and want to keep your bearings as healthy as possible, use the “best way” below.)

The best product to use is Tri-Flow Premium Lubricant. You can also purchase all in many hardware stores. The spray nozzle is very easy to use and the Tri-Flow is designed to leave no residue. Do not use WD-40 etc. WD-40 and other cheap lubricants leave a film that blocks dirt and dust. Shake the lubricant well before use.

Step#3 Hose Them Down

Hold the bearing and use Tri-Flow to remove it. Aim for the bottom of the holder and knock towards all the edges you find.

You will notice a large amount of dark, gloomy, troublesome mud coming out of the bearings. This means it needed to be cleaned up. Don’t skimp on Tri-Flow. Keep exploding. This is why I like a lot of rags and towels at work and I don’t want to wear my favorite clothes. It can be quite boring.

Step#4 Keep Going

Remove those suckers. Use as much lubricant as you need. Turn the bearing over and clean both sides.

When you feel the backing is clean enough (usually when Blackdown comes out), apply it with a towel or cloth to remove excess lubricant and set it aside. It will continue to leak for a while, so place it on a rag or towel.

Repeat for each roll. You need eight or two for each wheel.

When you’re done, you can leak the bearings and let them dry a little if you want, but you don’t have to. Don’t hesitate to hit those newly cleaned bearings right away, and go, old wheels, new wheels, or whatever your main plan involves.

Step#5 Super Fast Technique

This technique is suitable for fast focus. All use the same tools, but leave the bearings on the wheels. This method requires a strong sprayable lubricant, such as Tri-Flow. Water the bearings in the steering wheel using the same technique as before. It explodes strongly and enters every crack. After inflating the bearing, lubricate the internal bearing to remove excess lubricant. You can clean the bearings to a very shallow level, but for speed adjustments it can be helpful.

Step#6 Easiest Method

This is the way you should ideally clean your skateboard bearings, but it requires a lot of love. The skateboard needs oil or mineral alcohol, 99.9% isopropyl alcohol and quality fat. Powell Speed Cream and Rockinron Rocket Fuel are good choices for skateboard bearings.

The first step is to wash the bearings with kerosene or alcohol. The bearings may have a rubber shield and should be removed with a small dowel, but be careful not to force them in or damage the bearings. In swimming, I would like to immerse the bearings in kerosene or mineral spirit. Roll the solution slowly to get movement in the pot or box used to soak the skateboard bearings.

Remove the bearing and rinse with alcohol. If you have used a skateboard rack cleaner, you do not need to rinse it with alcohol (unless as stated in the cleaner’s instructions).

After rinsing, quickly dry the skateboard bearings. Compressed air cans are perfect for this.

Then put those clean, clean bearings back on the wheels and back on the table.

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