How to crack the IBPS Clerk Prelims 2021 in only 2 months?


When it comes to banking jobs in India, one of the prestigious and popular gateways is the IBPS Clerk exams. The Institute for Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts the exam every year to recruit clerical cadres in 11 recognized public sector banks of India. The institute also recruits for all the public banking affiliates (like LIC) who are a member of the same. This year, the institute has released more than 5800 posts nationally via the IBPS Clerk exam 2021.

The preliminary stage of the examination is supposed to take place on 28 and 29th August, and 4 and 5th September of 2021. The notification for IBPS Clerk recruitment came out on 11th July the same year. The examination follows a dual-phase model that includes the prelims and mains. To ace the exams, you need a solid strategy to make maximum use of the available time before the prelims. 

IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern 2021

Before going deep on the strategy, it is helpful to take a dip in the syllabus and exam pattern first. As you already know, the process follows a double test model that includes prelims and mains. The prelims examination takes place in a one-hour online test assessing the subjects of English language, quantitative aptitude, and reasoning ability. 

The IBPS Clerk 2021 prelims exam structure follows:

Name of the subject No. of questions Marks contained Duration (minutes)
  English Language303020
  Quantitative Aptitude353520
  Reasoning Ability353520

As you can see, one of the most challenging aspects of the exam pattern is the time. One of the primary goals of your preparation is to get used to the short-time answering mode. 

The 2-months (8 weeks) masterplan for IBPS Clerk preliminary exam

Now when you have the idea of the syllabus and exam pattern, you understand the importance of planning your strategy. The IBPS exam is highly competitive and lakhs of candidates take part in them every year. To make use of the available time, you need a step-by-step approach that can make you prepare smoothly for the big day. In the following chart, you get an idea of a model layout of studying and practicing two topics a day for six days a week and create an IBPS Clerk preparation strategy for two months. 

Week Day Topic 1 Topic 2
1Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6WeekdayBlood Relations Reasoning Revise Day 1PuzzlesRevise Day 2Inequalities Vocabulary Solve Mock Test QuestionsSimplificationSentence Construction GrammarDistance and TimeRevise Day 3Cloze TestsRevise Day 5Previous Year Questions 
2Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6WeekdayAlphanumeric Number SeriesProfit and Loss Data SufficiencyRevise Day 3Problem Solving Revise Day 5Mock Test on Week 1 TopicsMock test for Alphanumeric SetIdioms and Phrases Revise Day 2PartnershipComprehension GrammarRevise Day 4Mock Test for Week 2 Topics and Analyse the progress
3Day 1Day 2
Day 3
Day 4Day 5Day 6Weekday
Syllogisms SI and CITime and WorkRevise Day 3Ratio and ProportionFill in BlanksMock Test for Week 3HCF and LCMRevise Day 1Linear and Circular ArrangementAverageRevise Day 4 & 5 Speed and DistanceAnalyzing Mock tests of Pervious Topics 
4Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6WeekdayCoding-Decoding Revise Day 1ComprehensionRevise Day 2Simple and Compound Interest Revise Day 5Mock Test on Week 3 and 4 TopicsGrammar Error SpottingSimplificationAnalogy and ClassificationRevise Day 3PuzzlesMock Test Day 5Analyze the strength and weaknesses from Mock Test on Week 3 and 4 Topics 
5Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6WeekdayLinear and Circular ArrangementsDistance and DirectionNumber SeriesGrammar Mock TestFill in the BlanksPuzzlesRevise Week 5 TopicsCloze TestRevise Day 1Blood RelationsRevise Day 3Ratio and Proportion Revise Day 5Mock Test on week 5 Topics and Analysis of the test
6Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6WeekdayDistance and DirectionComprehensionInequalities Error Spotting Mock TestProfit and LossRevise Day 5Revise and assessment of Week 6 Topics Fill in the blanks Revise Day 1Time and work Revise Day 3Mock Test on VocabularyMock Test on AverageMock test on Week 6 Topics  
7Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6WeekdayCloze TestSyllogismsPercentage PuzzlesSimple and Compound InterestVocabulary Mock TestMock test on Week 7 TopicsNumber systemRevise Day 1Coding-Decoding Data InterpretationRevise Day 4Profit and Loss Mock testRest
8Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6WeekdayMock Test on the Whole SyllabusWeak parts of Quantitative AptitudeMock test on Quantitative AptitudeWeak Parts of Logical ReasoningMock Test on the whole syllabusMock Test on the whole syllabus Brush up on weak sections Analyze the weaknesses Weak parts of English Language Revise English GrammarRevise Logical ReasoningAnalysis of the Whole SyllabusAnalysis of weak portions Rest

Subject wise Preparation Tips for IBPS Clerk 2021:

English Language:

The English language section can be specifically tricky because the spectrum of language is vast. You have to focus on the use of vocabulary, importance of proper sentence structure to avoid confusion. To get the best results:

  • Regularly follow an English Daily newspaper or e-paper that has a reputation in the country. Don’t forget to jot down the new vocabulary you find out and make sentences with them. This vocabulary section is a very important part of your IBPS Clerk 2021 preparation.
  •  Regularly follow the basics of English grammar while practicing sentence structure. The more you create sentences, the better you remember the rules. 
  • Try solving wholesome mock-tests on the English language at the end of each week. 

Quantitative Aptitude:

The math isn’t very touchy in this section, but there are specific techniques and formulas that you have to memorize. The only effective solution is practice. As you know, time is short for the exams. Without remembering the short tricks, you won’t be able to finish within the stipulated time. 

  • Memorize the formulas by heart and remember the short tricks.
  • You have to practice fast to learn time management for the real test. 
  • Rigorous practice will help you memorize the proper application of formulas in different problems.

Reasoning Ability

This section is all about using your brain. You have a good opportunity to score high in this section. Always remember that there are negative markings for wrong answers. While answering the maths and reasoning questions, never go by guess, and answer after being sure about it. 

  • You have to practice fast and give your full concentration to score high in this section.
  • Practice more than twenty problems a day when you practice the logical reasoning part.
  • There are specific theories on each topic of this section. You have to keep the concepts clear in your head to answer fast. 

5 major hacks for IBPS Clerk Study Plan 2021

  • Realistic timetable: While planning your study table, don’t be unrealistic about the time and energy you can spare. Two months is a lot of time if you plan smart and keep the pace steady.  
  • Time management is crucial: You have to answer 100 questions in 60 minutes. So the math is clear to you. You have to speed up gradually while you practice. 
  • Mock tests and previous year questions: In any strategy, it is crucial to get the lay of the land. You have to make yourself familiar with the mock tests and previous year’s questions. You become more confident after each mock test.  
  • Study smart than hard: It is quite clear that you will not get questions that you can mug up from home. The majority of the questions are based on your problem-solving and reasoning skills. You have to be clear on the concepts and formulas but answer according to the questions instantly. 
  • Take help from professional guides: You don’t have to fight all the battles alone. In times of training, get help from experienced and professional guides to soldier you through the process. 

Cracking the prelims is the first stage for entering a long journey. Make an informed IBPS Clerk study plan 2021 and make all the effort look effortless. All the very best to you.

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