How to Create a Compelling Marketing Video for a New Brand

Marketing Video

Videos are the best medium to engage the attention of your audience. So for a new brand with the responsibility to enter the market and promote its products, a marketing video is a perfect start. It is an effective promotional tool to show your products and boót your business. It can build customer rapport and provide a guide to your customer about the objective of your company. And with the help of a free video maker, it is extremely easy to start creating videos

Hence, in this article, we will show how to make a compelling marketing video. Read on to know more!

  1. Tell a Story

Do not make a video just to sell your products. Here, you can highlight your products subtly while telling the story through video. If the audience sees a story that they can relate to then they will definitely explore your business. And then you can add some links at the end of the video about the products you have showcased to serve the purpose of promoting your brand. 

Base your initial videos on the story of your organization and your products. Or talk about what inspired you to delve into this business! This way you can connect with the audience emotionally to get their maximum support. 

The emotive power of a story appeals to the audience, so tell a story and don’t sell a product!

  1. Hook your Audience 

The first 10-20 seconds are the most crucial seconds of a Marketing Video. If the audience is not hooked to your video in this duration then they may not even watch the entire video. 

So, make it interesting. For example, you can introduce an anecdote or a conversation between two people to attract the audience! Also, don’t make the first few seconds of your video too slow. We are living in a fast-paced world so people generally don’t like slow things. Instead, try to find a balance between what you want to convey to the audience and what the audience wants. 

If you’re feeling unmotivated to think of a creative hook, a free video maker can give you some inspiration with customized templates. 

  1. Make it Entertaining
Brand awareness


People nowadays love funny material. Don’t make your videos boring with a simple conversation or straight discussion on the matter. Try to create some comic elements while promoting your brand or products. 

Engaging content that subtly highlights products is really common these days. These videos are enjoyable and not just plain advertisements, so they usually get a lot of shares. If you want your video to attract a lot of views, make it fun.

However, some corporations don’t support the idea of using humor and entertaining their audience. But, it is still important to use some light stuff so that the people are entertained!

  1. Use SEO 

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it helps you in ensuring that your video reaches the audience. You have to create some common keywords so that when the audience types them in the search bar, your video appears  

For instance, when you type “how-to”, the search engine shows you a variety of results. SEO puts you on the map in the “how-to” section. Now, you can add the keywords in the title or the video description. Or you can also use hashtags. For a new brand, SEO is the most important thing as it can garner the attention of the people. 

  1. Educate your Audience 

People are visual learners. They do not like to read long articles and usually skip most of them. So take this to your advantage when giving your audience information through videos. You can provide a guide around your products, or how to use them. For instance, if you are a makeup brand and you make a video on how to apply your products, the audience will watch it time and again to replicate the same. You can try creating such videos with a free video maker, as it offers features such as adding text and graphics that help you effectively demonstrate your products.

  1. Create Testimonial Videos 
Marketing Video for a new brand


Testimonial videos help connect with the audience. Even if you are a new brand, get reviews from the people who have used your product and combine them into a video. This way, your target customers can get insight into your brands. You can even include your family in this but do not lie to your audience. Always try to be transparent with them so that when they buy your product, they do not feel betrayed.

  1. Keep It Short 

Remember to not produce long-form content initially as you are making a video for attracting your audience. People love short videos which can inform them about the given topic in around 60-90 seconds. After a hectic day at work, people do not want to watch long videos which are not entertaining or which require their attention span for long.

If your story is not complete in one video then make a few more but always make them short! A free video maker can help you keep track of the duration and trim the unnecessary parts. 

  1. Build Hype

If you are just launching your products in the market then always build hype around them. For instance, you can provide a sneak peek at your products or promote your brand through advertisements. This will help the people to know what the buzz is all about. Hence, they will definitely want to become a part of your initiative. 

This is the most important point in the entire article as a lot of companies do this before the launch of their products. The video should not reveal everything, but it should be fun so that the audience remains curious and enthusiastic. 

Final Thoughts 

Creating marketing videos for a new brand is extremely important as it can set the bar for the organization. Nothing is more engaging than a short-form video that is fun and informative. 

A new brand has to make a mark on the audience with a compelling video. Even without professional help, you can still make use of a free video maker to create stunning videos to boost your business. Follow the above-mentioned steps, and then you’re good to go!

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