How To Do Email Marketing: A Beginners Guide

Email Marketing

Rapid growth of social media ads, chatbots, and other marketing methods begin to plant the suspicious seed in marketer’s minds. And, some of them predict that email marketing is going to end. But, statistics tell a different story. According to statistica, by 2023 the number of email user’s figure will be 4.3 billion compared to only 3.9 billion in 2019. So, let’s learn how to do email marketing to boost your business growth.

80% of Small and medium-size businesses rely on emails to connect with their customers & clients. In spite of having access to the numerous applications professionals still opt for emails. 

In business, guessing games is a sin. But, these facts indicate how powerful executing a breakthrough email marketing strategy can be for your business growth.

In this article, I will walk you through how to do effective email marketing step by step. But, the infallible execution of email marketing involves crafting a converting landing page, video marketing, email copywriting, and many more digital marketing skills.

Don’t get disappointed, if you’re not good at these skills yet. You can still beat the clock and get ahead in the business game to your competitors. As you already know, where you learn from is still the prime factor that makes a massive difference in skill development. So, use your time, money & efforts wisely to find excellent digital marketing courses in Jaipur or other cities in India where result-driven digital marketing institutes are located.

Digital marketing skills will enable you to use exceptional ways to acquire new customers, boost engagement, and prolong the period of customer retention. Email marketing is one of the effective ways to increase your total customer value. 

Before we go further, let me clarify what exactly is email marketing.

What Is Email Marketing?

Introduction to email marketing implies ways of marketing tactics that are done through email platforms. Such as direct promotional emails, information nurturing emails, or welcome emails from brands are part of email marketing.

So, now you have understood what exactly is email marketing and how it can be exceptionally beneficial for your business expansion.

Let’s walk through how to do email marketing yourself step by step.

How To Do Email Marketing: A Beginners Guide

If you ever get skeptical about the potency of email marketing for business growth. Remind yourself of the studies done by DMA in 2019, on every 1$ spent on an email marketing campaign you can get 42$ in return. You may not get the return instantly but for a long period, email marketing is the greatest strategy for retaining your customers.

Follow the easy steps to get started with an effective email campaign that drives massive conversions.

  1. Define Your Audience 

The group of people who are more likely to be interested in your products & services and actually need them is your potential audience. People don’t buy anything without a purpose. Figure out what purpose your product & services are for, and the persona of people who need & are interested in that. 

How Email Marketing attracts people
  1. Set Goal For Email Marketing Campaign

You can’t achieve anything without having a clear goal. Vague goals never bring the results you want because you don’t even know what outcome you actually want.

So, before you set up your email campaign take time to ponder upon what your campaign goal is. Do you want your audience to know about your latest product or services, drive sales or build good relationships or remind them about the abandoned cart? Decide. 

Set Goal For Email Marketing
  1. Build Your Email List 

The foremost requirement for email marketing is an email list. Right! If you already have an email list of your customers you can use it in email automation software. But, if you don’t have one, Here you are required to execute effective lead magnet strategies.

Yes! An email list is not less than a treasure for your business, and therefore finding the email addresses of potential prospects needs a super effective strategy.

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For doing this, you may opt to bite the bullet in order to give out something for free to your audience or give them an amazing offer they can’t deny. Yes! This is all for luring the potential prospects that will help your business to generate extensive revenue in the future. Once your email list is ready, you are ready to learn how to do email marketing & execute it effectively.

Build Your Email List
  1. Write An Engaging Email Copy

Keep your email marketing campaign goal & audience in mind. And, craft an ad copy that is not only compelling but also delivers your message to the audience and persuades them to take action according to your campaign goal.

For making your email copy more attractive, you can also feature an engaging video in that. Using the word video in your subject line as well to increase your email open rate. 

Yes! According to research done by martech adviser’s in 2017 companies that used “ video” work in their subject line raised their CTR by 300%. Can the best email marketing strategy be easier?

Write An Engaging Email Copy
  1. Schedule Your Emails 

Now you have everything you need to make your email campaign effective enough to drive great results. It’s time to plan it out when you want to send these emails. 

Before scheduling your emails, consider this pro tip for making fortunes: Marketing experts say, on average, a person gets 121 emails. So, how do you make sure your email doesn’t get ignored by the users? If you don’t want your promotion email to get lost in the crowd. 

For increasing your email open rate, first of all, you need to find out the time when people are more likely to open their email. Don’t worry! You don’t have to make a guess for it. Because by doing research for email open rate the best time for sending email is uncovered. 

Most people open their email account after arriving at work, which is generally 9-10 am, after that during lunchtime around 1 pm. You can schedule your emails according to this time to skyrocket your email opening rate. 

Schedule Your Emails
  1. Measure The Results

Let the email marketing software do its work, and set down to check the reports to find out conversion rate, email opening rate, and other valuable figures that matter. You can also do A/B testing to find out what’s effective & ineffective for your business goal. And use the winner to drive massive success.

The Results of Email marketing

Conclusion: Opposed to social media marketing, email marketing seems to be powerless. But, the truth has been exposed by a survey that concludes 62% of people say they take action on promotional ads they received through emails. And only 12.5 % of individuals clicked on the call to action button on social media.

So, email marketing is not dead even though it’s being drastically more effective for businesses to boost sales, acquire new customers and retain them. Now, you have learned how to do email marketing for your business. Implement these strategies for the incremental growth of your business.


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